There’s nothing wrong with giving truffles or flowers on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re on a budget or just don’t feel like breaking the bank, going with one of these fun, affordable Valentine’s Day food gifts might be more fun than a garden-variety box of chocolates or bouquet. And—bonus!—given the prices of these sweet treats, you can send them to more than just your significant other or kids. Because moms and dads (and grandparents and aunts and uncles and teachers and friends and… ) like getting love in the mail, too.

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Buy them roses *and* candy in one: Love You a Bunch rose candies from Sugarfina | Cool Mom Eats

Determined to give roses? Then these “Love You a Bunch” Royal Roses at Sugarfina are the way to do it for less. Each box of these all-natural candies flavored with strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and black currant costs $7.00. And in such a prettily designed package, too. If roses have never been your thing (or they’re in limited supply), check out the other Valentine’s Day gifts at Sugarfina for plenty of affordably delicious gifts.


A sweet, affordable Valentine's Day food gift for anyone you want to treat this year from Dancing Deer Baking Co. | Cool Mom Eats

I’ve always thought of Dancing Deer Baking Co. as a maker of packaged cookies and baking mixes, but did you guys know that they also ship their tasty baked goods? As in, already baked and ready to eat deliciousness delivered to your—or your gift recipient’s—door. For Valentine’s Day, Dancing Deer is offering a Petit Hearts Gift Box filled with 10 heart-shaped shortbread cookies for $19.99 and word has it from Liz, they are outrageous. If you want to throw a little bit more into your budget, they have lots of other Valentine’s Day food gifts ranging from $23-55. I think the anonymous flirt gift is pretty fun, even it’s just for grandma. Wait…


An affordable and funny tongue-in-cheek Valentine's Day food gift that's delicious, too: Chocolate Pills from Fika | Cool Mom Eats

Does someone you love need a prescription for instant happiness? We have what the doctor ordered: Chocolate Pills from Fika, a Swedish-style espresso bar in New York City that has created a delectable line of treats with a team that includes a master chocolatier. (Did you see Fika’s Gentlemen’s Truffles we suggested for the holidays? Amazing.) These include a mouthwatering combination of roasted and caramelized hazelnuts and almonds coated in 70% dark chocolate and cocoa powder, and the ‘script will only run you $8.00. Plus, it’s sure to officially earn you the title Dr. Love. You know you like that.  Just keep away from kids, as with all things in pill boxes. Mostly because who wants to share?

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Get them a Valentine's Day food gift that will remind them of how much they are loved every time that take a candy break: Rayley's XO candies at Mouth | Cool Mom Eats

Let’s be honest: Those chocolate pills are going to go down all at once. If you’d rather your Valentine message hang around a while, reminding your loved one of how cherished they are for days to come, a bag of Raley’s XO candies available for $7.25 at Mouth are a fun gift. You just can’t go wrong with a sweet pick-me-up that reminds you of how much you’re loved.


Decadent, award-winning chocolate in an affordable Valentine's Day gift package: Amara Venezuelan Sipping Chocolate | Cool Mom Eats

Believe me, the chocolate lover in your life will not miss the traditional box of chocolates if you send this Amara Venezuelan Sipping Chocolate instead. One pound of this hand-blend of pure-intense cacao powder & cacao butter is $13.75 and worth every penny. It’s even has won several recent awards of distinction, not that I needed other convincing; honestly, the picture alone has me hooked. You can see how rich, thick, and velvety this treat is. A perfect indulgence for Valentine’s Day.

Want to send an affordable Valentine's Day food gift to someone who isn't much into chocolate? This delectable Burnt Caramel Sauce is the answer! | Cool Mom Eats

Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate, but what about people who have other tastes? This Burnt Caramel Sauce from  Michael Recchiuti at Market Hall Foods is to die for and, if you ask me, a steal at $13. Made without any additives, this dark, rich, and totally decadent sauce is as good on ice cream as it is on plain, sliced apples. Or, you know, right off the spoon. Or a finger. You know what I mean.


Conversation Heart Lollipops make a lovely and delicious Valentine's Day food gift | A Secret Forest on Etsy

You have to check out the most outrageous handmade Valentine’s Day lollipops that Liz recently found from A Secret Forest on Etsy: Totally amazing. The catch: I’m not really sure that they qualify as affordable when you consider they are lollipops. Think of them as edible art, and suddenly 3 for $21 doesn’t seem bad. And, if you order today (literally) or tomorrow, you’ll keep from paying a ton extra in shipping fees to get them on time. Hurry!