I was browsing Etsy, looking for some fun Valentine’s treats from smaller makers around the country and then I stumbled onto A Secret Forest, the shop whose wares made my jaw drop. These are the kinds of artisanal, artful, transcendently creative handmade lollipops that you only wish you could make yourself.

And even if I could actually make them — if in some alternative reality I happen have ingredients on hand like edible glitter, wafer paper, Valrhona white chocolate crunchy pearls, and marzipan I could somehow craft into shapes like roses and hearts — I’d never have the kind of mind to come up with such imaginative designs in the first place.

You’ll find an amazing selection from LA pastry chef Vanessa Beller, from naturally flavored hearts of all kinds, to slightly more naughty designs, and even lollipops filled with real edible flowers, marzipan, or hand-cut fondant. And the flavors — whoa. Think: Champagne, rose, cinnamon, coconut and white chocolate, blackberry and basil.

Tell me you don’t look at them and think, wait, you can eat these?

Amazing, whimsical heart lollipops of all kinds for Valentine's Day at A Secret Forest

Apple Lollipops with Swallow Tattoo Heart; Natural Blackberry and Rose Sacret Heart Lollipops; Glittered Marzipan Cotton Candy Heart Lollipops; Natural Chocolate and Raspberry Heart and Arrow Lollipops

Airmail love letter lollipops made with marzipan from A Secret Forest on Etsy

Bespoke Marzipan Air Mail Envelope Cherry Lollipops with White Chocolate Pearls

Coquette Lollipops from A Secret Forest: Awesome for Valentine's Day!Coquette Glitter Lollipops with Marzipan Pink Rose

Strawberry Cream Sassy Heart Valentine's Lollipops from LA's A Secret Forest

Strawberry Cream Sassy Heart Valentine’s Lollipops


Mildly naughty lollipops from A Secret Forest, perfect for Valentine's Day

Naughtier Lollipops: Cherry Marzipan with Glittered Kiss;
Champagne Flavored Marzipan Fetish Boot Lollipops

Devil's Waltz Cinnamon Sugar Lollipops for Valentine's Day from A Secret Forest. Yes, they're edible!

Devil’s Waltz cinnamon sugar lollipops

Message Lollipops from A Secret Forest: A cool twist on conversation hearts

Natural Rose Flavored Bespoke Message Lollipops

I’m blown away. However since they’re as much art as they are edible, of course they’re going to cost more than any lollipop you’ve ever bought. Just be sure to get a Valentine’s order in stat — after February 5 you’ll pay whopping shipping charges.

Also, be sure you actually do eat them. As magical as they look, her customers swear they’re absolutely delicious.

Find  creative, handmade Valentine’s lollipops that are perfect for any occasion, at LA’s A Secret Forest on Etsy.