For those of you who are history buffs, or perhaps because you observe Lent, you know that today is Shrove Tuesday. For those of you in New Orleans, it’s the infamous Mardis Gras, the French translation for “Fat Tuesday.” And for many others, we simply, and happily, have Pancake Day.

It began as an English tradition, as a day of eating rich and satisfying foods (milk, eggs, butter) before fasting for Lent. Fortunately, the custom stuck and now it’s really just a fun excuse to eat one of our favorite carbs. To celebrate, I’ve found the best pancake recipes in the world—for kids and grownups—each offering a tip or ingredient that makes them extraordinary. Got a busy morning commute? Bookmark these recipes and tell the kids that Pancake Day is on Sunday this year.

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Best Pancake Recipes: Healthiest!

Reading about the 2 Ingredient Healthy Pancakes at Top with Cinnamon (above) rocked my world a little. They have no gluten, no dairy, and no refined sugar (say, what?). They may not be your typical diner variety, but how great to be able to whip up this healthy alternative with little effort—especially if you have babies or toddlers. If it’s your first time making pancakes like these, go with Izy’s suggestion and add the baking powder.


Best Pancake Recipes: Fluffiest!

The best pancake recipe for Lofty Buttermilk pancakes has a secret shortcut you won't want to miss. Smother these with butter and syrup to celebrate National Pancake Day. | The Kitchn
And now, a classic buttermilk recipe for the purists out there: the best ever Lofty Buttermilk Pancakes from Dana Velden at The Kitchn. You may have heard that folding in whipped egg whites is the trick for making extra fluffy pancakes, and while that is true, Dana found that merely stirring in the whites produces the same fluffy effect. No whipping required! I love a good shortcut. These are the pancakes to recklessly smother in melted butter and syrup—worthy of a day called Fat Tuesday.


Best Pancake Recipes: Tastiest!

Looking for the best pancake recipe? Ruth Reichl's melt-in-your-mouth World's Best Pancakes is definitely one of them. | 80 Breakfasts
Ruth Reichl’s World’s Best Pancakes changed my life. In less dramatic terms, they (mostly) severed my long, unfulfilling relationship with boxed mix and I’m glad to see that Joey at 80 Breakfasts feels the same way. Low fat they are not, but they’re so light and melt-in-your-mouth fantastic that you won’t care. Here’s a trick that I learned early on: Let your butter cool slightly before adding it to the cold egg and milk mixture or let your eggs and milk come closer to room temp. Either way, this helps keep the butter from clumping upon mixing. You may still hang on to Mr. Bisquick, but you will cheat on him often with this recipe.

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Best Pancake Recipes: Easiest!

One of the best pancake recipes out there for kids (and parents!): Roll up Blender Pancakes | Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Cottage cheese is the secret ingredient in these Rollup Blender Pancakes at Mel’s Kitchen Café, helping to create a light and tender pancake. Mel, a rock star mom of five, also conveniently mixes the whole batter in a blender. Little hands will love being able to ditch the fork, and I love how many syrup-free variations there could be.


Best Pancake Recipes: Most Special!

Light and fluffy, David Eyre's pancake has kept loyal fans for 50 years, making it one of our world's best pancake recipes. | Food52
When I worked on The Martha Stewart Show, Amanda Hesser of the relentlessly great Food52 made this recipe for David Eyre’s Pancake. At first, I wondered why she suggested a pancake recipe for her segment, but upon seeing the golden, delicate puff come out of the oven, I knew this was not your typical pancake. Sprinkled with a little lemon juice and powdered sugar, it truly is delicious. Originally published in 1966, and currently in the The Essential New York Times Cookbook, this special pancake begs for a place at your family’s table.