Ah, the Shamrock Shake. That once-a-year emerald colored, minty concoction that makes St. Patrick’s Day feel like, well, St. Patrick’s Day. If you can’t do without one, but would rather skip loads of artificial green coloring or just prefer a more natural green hue, these all natural, dye free Shamrock Shake recipes will do you right. Especially the one with booze. (Just me?)

Top: Boozy Shamrock Shake at Sugar and Cloth | Minty Kiwi Shamrock Shake at NatureBox 

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Cocktail: Boozy Shamrock Shake

Finally! A classy, all natural, dye free Shamrock Shake recipes. Looks great, tastes even better. | Sugar & Cloth
When all natural applies to St. Patrick’s Day recipes, you expect to find spinach, kale, or at least all-natural food coloring in the mix, because green—right? Well, not in this Boozy Shamrock Shake at Sugar and Cloth. I love (seriously, love) that Ashley boldly serves us a naturally white version of the shamrock shake. Because can’t we agree that it’s fine for not all of our food and drink to be green on St. Patrick’s Day? This is, after all, decidedly for grown-ups only, and wearing green is good enough for me.


Mocktail: Kiwi Mint Shamrock Shake

This all natural, dye free Shamrock Shake recipe gets it's color from kiwi and mint, which makes for great taste, too. Yum! | NatureBox

Minty Kiwi Shamrock Shake | NatureBox 

Okay, so white may work for us, but why not go green for the kids. This all-natural, dye-free Minty Kiwi Shamrock Shake recipe by Angie of A Little Inspiration that we found at the NatureBox blog gets its color from kiwi rather than the usual go-to spinach, which I love as something different. The kids might appreciate that, too. Though, of course, you can go ahead and add some if you like, or even a drop of all-natural green food coloring for a more vibrant green color if you can’t help yourself.