As a new mom, you are probably exhausted, exhilarated and, most likely, not thinking much about your own well-being. Though I know it can be hard to put yourself first, those first few months postpartum are a time when you should pay special attention to nourishing your body, especially if you are breastfeeding. But I also know that doing so can feel impossible. I’m hoping to help make it easier with this collection of heathy snacks for new moms that you can keep on hand at all times.

Since fitting in proper meals can be a challenge with a new baby, healthy snacking is key. I found that snacks should be easy to eat (one handed if possible!) and they should provide sustaining energy, unlike salty and sugary processed snacks that feed your immediate hunger, but don’t supply you with the long-term boost you need. These easy, flexible snack ideas and recipes will, though, so you don’t have to think about taking care of yourself, you can just sort of do it. Even if accidentally.

Top: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Larabars | Chocolate Covered Katie


Healthy snacks for new moms: Quick and easy ideas

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs, which make a great snack for new moms, kids, and, really, anyone! | Simply Recipes

* Hard boiled eggs: I use the same method for hard boiled eggs as Elise at Simply Recipes (above). Make six at a time (or better yet, enlist your partner to help) and store them in the fridge. Sprinkled with a little salt and pepper, eggs can be one of your quickest—and tastiest—protein boosts.

* Edamame: High in protein, low in calories, and naturally gluten-free, edamame make a great one-handed healthy snack. Keep a bag in the freezer for easy eating anytime. All it takes is a quick boil or steam on the stovetop or even in the microwave.

Trail mix: A good trail mix offers a powerful combination of protein and carbs that can satisfy your craving for both salty and sweet. Stock up on a few different types so that you don’t get bored. And we all can agree that dark chocolate is good for you, right? So get at least one variety that has some in the mix.

Fruit: I know that this is kind of a “duh” one, but seriously make sure that both your fridge and counter are stocked with fruits you can eat one-handed: apples, cut melon, blueberries, and grapes are just a few options. You can even have whoever helps unpack the groceries wash and prep fruit while you put things away so that you can literally grab and eat when you’re hungry.

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Healthy snacks for new moms: Easy make-ahead recipes

This quick make recipe for Oatmeal "Larabars" makes a great grab-and-go healthy snack for new moms. Bonus: It doubles as a snack for older siblings, too! | Chocolate Covered Katie

The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie “Larabars” at Chocolate Covered Katie (above & top) have only five ingredients, no added sugar, and require ten minutes of prep (alright, make that twenty if you have a baby who just spit up). Katie offers some helpful tips for making them either a little stickier or drier, depending on what you like. And what I love best: They keep in the refrigerator for at least two weeks. So whenever you find that twenty minutes to make these, consider a double batch.

A healthy snack for new moms that is nutritious and tastes like a cookie? No Bake Energy Bites are a dream come true. | Gimme Some Oven

These No-Bake Energy Bites at Gimme Some Oven are the best of both worlds: They’re nutritious and they taste like cookies. Make a big batch of these oat and nut butter filled snacks and play around with ingredient variations. It’s easy to do given how simple these are to make: Just stir the ingredients in a bowl, roll, and chill. Bonus: these come in handy as a snack for older siblings, too.


The best healthy snacks for new moms are the easy kind, like this Avocado Toast that can be adapted a number of different–and yummy–ways. | Bon Appetit

My girls aren’t infants anymore, but I still make Avocado Toast like the ones at Bon Appetit when I need a quick snack (or lunch) that will fill me up. Nutrient-rich avocados contain heart-healthy fats that help us feel sated. And besides the fact that avocados are straight up delicious, there are endless variations suited to whatever you have in your pantry. The combination of a little olive oil, flaky sea salt, and chili flakes is still my idea of perfection.


Skip the cookies and go for this awesome healthy snack for new moms: Yogurt Swirled with Peanut Butter and Honey Graham Crackers. | The Kitchn

When you’re craving something sweet, consider Yogurt Swirled with Peanut Butter and Honey Graham Crackers like this bowl from our friends at the Kitchn. Warmed peanut butter and a sweet crunch of graham cracker will satisfy without going over the top, and calcium and protein from Greek-style yogurt can help you feel full longer. This one is a no-brainer. 


Smoothies are one of our favorite healthy snacks for new moms, and this antioxidant rich Healthy Blueberry Blast Yogurt Smoothie makes a delicious, sippable treat. | Home and Plate

I can’t tell you how many recipes I researched before finding a simple, protein-rich smoothie like this Healthy Blueberry Blast Yogurt Smoothie at Home and Plate. So many recipes require crazy ingredients that I can’t imagine a new mom having the time to shop for. Feel free to adapt Ali’s tasty smoothie as you like—add different types of frozen fruit or a splash of juice instead of milk.

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Healthy snacks for new moms: make-ahead homemade smoothie packs! | One Hungry Mama

Okay, I know some of you may be yelling at the computer, “How am I going to have time to make a smoothie when I haven’t even showered!?!” Fair enough. However, if you are a smoothie lover, check out our editor Stacie’s super smart tutorial for make-ahead smoothie packs. Who knows, they may even give you time to take that shower.