For coffee lovers—and, really, for almost everyone—dropping $5 on a speciality coffee or tea drink is a not-so-unusual occurrence. Maybe even an everyday occurrence. But if you’re like me and these little indulgences start to put a strain on your food budget, don’t worry. We’ve found a solution in these exceptional Starbucks copycat recipes that will fool even the most devoted customers.

Plus, staying at home can help you avoid other temptations, like those cake pops I can’t seem to stop buying.

Top: Homemade Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee at How Sweet It Is | Copycat Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher Drink at Fit and Fab Living

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Starbucks copycat recipes: Frappucino

Starbucks copycat recipes: Keep it simple and delicious with this Homemade Frappucino from who else? Our favorite Pioneer Woman.

For the first recipe, we’re keeping it simple with this basic Homemade Frappucino from the Pioneer Woman—because there’s nothing basic about the taste. It starts with ultra-strong coffee and finishes with sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. You had me at ultra-strong coffee, Pioneer Woman, but the other ingredients definitely don’t hurt.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Berry Refresher

Starbucks copycat recipes: These Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher Drinks from Fit and Fab are a delicious, cost-effective alternative to the store-bought version!

With real berries and fresh ginger, this Copycat Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher Drink at Fit and Fab Living is destined to be even better than the drink that inspired it. Plus, you can make a large portion to keep in the fridge or serve at a cookout. Talk about a major cost-saver.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Mocha Coconut Fappucino

Starbucks copycat recipes: Try this incredible-looking Homemade Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee for hot days that call for a treat. | How Sweet It Is

This Homemade Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee at How Sweet It Is parades as a beverage, but it’s clearly an ultra-decadent dessert in a glass. If the idea of a coffee-flavored Samoa cookie appeals to you, this drink will not disappoint.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Strawberry Frappucino

Starbucks copycat recipes: Young and old will love this rich, creamy Starbucks Strawberry Frappucino from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter.

Okay, let’s admit it: The Starbucks Strawberry Frappucino is essentially a glorified milkshake, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it over the years. And unlike coffee-based fraps, kids and adult alike can enjoy this beverage on a hot day. Plus, Jennifer from Sugar, Spice and Glitter includes decadent and healthy variations on the recipe, so that you can adjust based on how indulgent you’re feeling.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Iced Caramel Macchiato

Starbucks copycat recipe: I'm so happy to have an at-home version of the Iced Caramel Macchiato, a Starbucks classic. | Eugenie's Kitchen

Eugenie from Eugenie’s Kitchen nails it with this Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato Copycat Recipe. Just strong coffee, plus three other simple ingredients. And if you want to get really crafty, you can make the vanilla syrup and caramel sauce from scratch with Eugenie’s awesome recipes.

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Starbucks copycat recipes: Passion Tea Lemonade

Starbucks copycat recipes: This Copycat Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade is so easy to make, you'll never need to buy it again. |Cincy Shopper

This is another great recipe you can make in one big batch and then sip on for days. And trust me, you’ll be glad that you did. The Copycat Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade from Cincy Shopper comes together in a jiff and is so refreshing.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Iced Chai Latte

Starbucks copycat recipes: This Starbucks Copycat Iced Chai Latte uses real ginger for an even more authentic taste. Brilliant!

It may not look like it, but this Starbucks Copycat Iced Chai Latte at SheKnows is one of the healthier copycat fraps out there. Plus, I love that it uses yummy raw ginger! I think this copycat may have even more lovely chai spiciness than the original. SheKnows for the win.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Green Tea Frappucino

Starbucks copycat recipes: I'm loving the look of this decadent Green Tea Frappucino from Sandra's Easy Cooking.

I happen to love almost all matcha drinks, so of course this Green Tea Frappucino at Sandra’s Easy Cooking, which also has a good helping of whipped cream and vanilla syrup, is right up my alley. If you’re looking for some antioxidants to go with your decadent frap, this recipe is for you.


Starbucks copycat recipes: Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

Starbucks copycat recipes: I'm thanking my lucky stars for this Pumpkin Spiced Iced Coffee, which is spicy and satisfying anytime of year. | Kitchen Treaty

Sometimes you just can’t wait until fall for the cozy goodness of a pumpkin spice latte. So I’m glad that Karen at Kitchen Treaty came up with this amazing recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Iced Coffee. I have a feeling that I’ll be making this delightfully spicy drink every time the PSL cravings hit me. In other words, all year round.