While you will never ever find me homebrewing anytime soon, a machine that turns fruit into craft cider in your very own kitchen is something I can totally get behind.

The ALCHEMA makes craft cider out of fruit as easily as making a pot of coffee, though it takes way longer than a cup of joe before you can actually imbibe. Once you decide on your recipe, simply pop your fruit in the machine and in about two weeks, you’ve got your very own craft cider. Or, if you can wait 16 weeks, you can actually make your own wine.

How will you know your fabulous tasty beverage is ready for consumption? The corresponding app notifies you, of course.

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It’s not cheap, even with the special early bird pricing as part of their Kickstarter campaign, but if you feel very strongly about making your own cider and have a lot of patience (I believe that’s the Webster dictionary entry for “Hipster”), then we have found the gadget for you.

You can get more information on the ALCHEMA on their Kickstarter page. And if you prefer to have your apple cider from a bottle or can, we have lots of apple cider drink recipes on Cool Mom Eats.