An icy cold, salt-rimmed margarita really hits the spot at this point in the summer, but if you ask me, tequila is a serious commitment. When I want to beat the heat by sipping on something lighter, super refreshing, and (sometimes) with fewer calories, ¬†I mix up a pitcher of sangria. It’s every bit as delicious, plus it has antioxidants from the wine and some healthy nutrients from the fruit. (They count, right?)

Whether you prefer red, white, or ros√©, I’ve rounded up some tempting sangria recipes that I can’t wait to try. And of course, any of these will make a delicious non-alcoholic version, too, by substituting sparkling grape or apple juice for wine. Cheers!

Top: Rosé Sangria | Musings on Momentum

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Best sangria recipes | Rosé sangria at Musings on Momentum

I’m not usually a ros√© drinker, but this combination of basil, classic summer fruits, and lemonade in the¬†Ros√© Sangria recipe¬†at Musings on Momentum¬†(also at top) looks pretty tasty. This one might be perfect for a summer brunch with friends.


Best sangria recipes | Fruity Rosé sangria at Yin and Yolk

I love a sweet and fizzy drink, and this¬†Ros√© Sangria recipe¬†at Yin and Yolk looks pretty much perfect.¬†It’s packed with fruit‚ÄĒso it’s healthy, right?‚ÄĒand other ingredients that will definitely give this a little extra kick.

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Best sangria recipes | Low-carb Raspberry sangria at Joy Filled Eats

If you’re choosing sangria because it’s (often) lower in calories, then you might want to try¬†this deliberately¬†Low-Carb Raspberry Sangria¬†courtesy of Joy-Filled Eats. A lot of the fruit flavor comes from fruit extract, so you’ll have to invest in it for your first batch — all the more reason to make more over time.¬†And the addition of raspberry tea is an interesting twist that I want to try.


Best sangria recipes | Absinthe Blackberry Sangria at Homemade Hooplah

If you prefer a really sweet cocktail, then you might love¬†this¬†Blackbeard Berry Sangria at Homemade Hooplah. It is full of ripe summer berries that give it that classic sangria flavor, and¬†includes¬†added sugar for extra¬†sweetness. But if you’re more of a purist and just enjoy the flavor of fresh fruit, you can definitely leave it out.


Best sangria recipes | Spicy Citrus Sangria at Gourmet Gourmand

My favorite kind of sangria is citrusy with a bit of tang. I’m adventurous though, so I wouldn’t mind adding spice to that, too. Which is why¬†I have a feeling that once I try this¬†Spicy Citrus Sangria at The Gourmet Gourmand I won’t ever go back. With dried chili de arbol and some brandy added to the mix, this one is sure to have some serious bite.

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Best sangria recipes | Peach Strawberry sangria at Savory Spice Rack

Champagne, white wine, and peaches three ways make this¬†Sparkling Peach Strawberry Sangria at Savory Spice Rack truly, well, peachy. If you’re all about stone fruit in the summer, then this is the drink for you. To turn this into a mocktail, substitute peach flavored La Croix for the wines and peach coconut water (you can find it at Starbucks) or peach juice for the peach flavored liqueurs (yes, plural).


Best sangria recipes | Mango Sangria with Frozen Blueberries at Vanilla and Bean

This¬†Mango Sangria with Frozen Blueberries at Vanilla and Bean is just sweet enough without being overwhelming, and still has plenty of¬†tang from the lime and mint that infuses as you let it¬†sit overnight. Definitely follow¬†her¬†tips for making this one a fizzy drink‚ÄĒit’s part of what makes this so good!


Best sangria recipes | Summer sangria at Go Go Go Gourmet

This¬†Sunset Sparkling Easy White Sangria at Go Go Go Gourmet is citrusy, bubbly, and just sweet enough.¬†Plus, it has St. Germain which is one of my favorite cocktail ingredients these days, thanks to its light, floral flavor. The fruit juices you add make this a great drink to help you cool down on¬†a warm summer evening. And hey…fruit means healthy right? I’m in!