I admit that we do this a lot: We say that we’re not particularly into national food holidays, but this one’s too good to ignore. But for real this time, because s’mores! Yup, it’s National S’mores Day and we’re into it. In fact, we think that anyone can declare any day National S’mores Day and we’d be in, no questions asked. This year, we’re celebrating with party-ready recipes that make s’mores for a crowd easier than being asked 1,000 times where the rest of the chocolate bars are. (And the graham crackers? Who has those?)

Make these delectable s’mores recipes ahead of time and share them at your next party. If it’s not tonight, that’s okay. Tell your guests that it’s National S’mores Day anyway. Who’s going to question it?

Top: S’mores Party Bar at What’s Gaby Cooking | Easy S’mores Bars at Foodness Gracious | S’mores Cupcakes at Bakers Royale

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The ultimate party idea? We think this S'mores Party Bar might fit the bill. Genius! | What's Gaby Cooking

This S’mores Party Bar at What’s Gaby Cooking is pretty much the best party idea ever. Set out the ingredients—and get creative!—then let your guests do the rest. Beautiful, delicious, and your part is all make ahead. Well, except for making your s’mores.


If Rice Krispies are a staple at your parties the way that they are at ours, you need to try these S'mores Rice Krispies Treats. We're betting they'll become your new favorite version. | Cupcakes and Cashmere

These S’mores Rice Krispies Treats, another recipe by Gaby, this time at Cupcakes and Cashmere, are especially great if you have kids coming to the party. But honestly, these will be a hit with the grownups, too, so don’t skimp. It’s quite possible that a double batch is in order.


Love s'mores? And cupcakes too? These S'more Cupcakes will become your go-to celebration treat. | Bakers Royale

Cupcakes are always a party hit, especially if you s’more-ify them. These S’mores Cupcakes at Bakers Royale have a graham cracker crust topped with a dark chocolate cake and marshmallow frosting. Naomi mentions a version where she dips the marshmallow frosting in a chocolate glaze and sprinkles graham cracker crumbs on top, but I bet these would be just as delicious if you skip that part. These will go down so fast that nobody will be the wiser.


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If you ask us, this idea of combining our two favorite treats wins it all: S'mores Ice Cream Cake | How Sweet It Is

Party time is cake time, right? So what better way to celebrate s’mores than with this S’mores Ice Cream Cake at How Sweet It Is. With a graham cracker crust topped with a fudge layer, covered with ice cream (of course), and dotted with torched marshmallows, this cake is the ultimate s’mores treat.


A graham cracker crust, 2-ingredient ganache, and mini-marshmallows turn into these Easy S'mores Bars. So smart! | Foodness Gracious

If you’re the kind of host who likes to bake a tray of some perennial favorite like brownies, cut them up, set them out, and watch them go, then you’ll want to make these Easy S’mores Bars at Foodness Gracious. You make a quick crust, top it with a 2-ingredient chocolate ganache, and layer mini marshmallows over the whole thing. Simple perfection: Just what s’mores should be.