Okay, parents: The kids are back to school and you survived. We think that it’s time to treat yourself to something decadent and indulgent, just because. We’ve found a few fancy snacks that we’re putting on the adults-only shelves in our kitchen cupboards (although, full disclosure: that never stops the kids from raiding them). These are small-batch treats made by companies focused on the highest-quality specialty foods that are so, so delicious. And, yes, we know that for a fact because we tried them.

But it’s all good when you’re only taking a bite or two, right?

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Indulgent snacks for adults: the Choco Rush chocolate gift subscription is for serious chocolate lovers. Every month. | Cool Mom Eats

Choco Rush

Our editor, Stacie, discovered the Choco Rush chocolate subscription service last fall and still thinks that it makes a pretty smart splurge for serious dark chocolate lovers. Each month you’ll get four bars of gourmet dark chocolate from different regions, and most are vegan and gluten free with more than 60% cacao. But who are we kidding? We’re eating it because it’s chocolate—and delicious, high quality chocolate at that. If dark chocolate is your weakness, this is for you.


Indulgent snacks for adults: Smash Mallow premium marshmallows in flavors like Churro and Mint Chocolate Chip. Yum. | Cool Mom Eats

Smash Mallow

Smash Mallow gourmet marshmallows are soft and pillowy and insanely tasty. Versatile too. It’s probably no surprise to you that we found many yummy ways to eat these, from topping our ice cream sundaes with their Root Beer Float flavor to dipping the Mint Chocolate Chip marshmallows in hot chocolate and adding Espresso Bean treats to our coffee. Oh, and just eating them plain; it’s hard to stop at just one Meyer Lemon Chia Seed marshmallow. (We dare you to try.) These also make a fun little gift for a teacher or friend, because who doesn’t love marshmallows?

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Among our favorite indulgent snacks for adults: Edoughble cookie dough because it's safe to eat raw, just the way we like it. | Cool Mom Eats


I can’t resist testing my chocolate chip cookie dough when I’m baking, but ack: the safety concerns are real. So, instead, I may or may not sneak a bite or two of Edoughble cookie dough. Their recipe is made with heat-treated flour and no eggs, so they’re safe to eat. And they even have a vegan line. My favorite is their classic chocolate chip, but they also have birthday cake, Nutella, and a few other flavors. My daughter topped her ice cream with a scoop of this stuff the other night and it was delicious. Oh the possibilities!