It’s finally here: election day. No matter who you’re voting for (and you are voting, yes?), chances are you’re excited for the day to be over—or is it just me? In the meantime, these last 24 hours are no joke. Since I don’t want to be eating—ahem, biting—my nails, I plan on loosening the reigns and allowing myself to stress eat these election day treats.

Some of these election day desserts are simple scratch recipes that can keep your hands busy—i.e., keep you from obsessively watching the poll returns, or at least having an activity while you do—while you pass the time, and others are easily pieced together with store-bought ingredients. Either way, you end up with delicious sweet treats to eat your stress away. At least until morning.

Top: Patriotic Trifle in a Jar at Unsophisticook | Election Day Sugar Cookies at The Food Network | Firecracker Shots at The Food Network


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Stress eating on election day? Us too. These Firecracker Jello Shots are the perfect treat, because sugar and booze. | The Food Network
I’ve got to start with these Firecracker Shots at The Food Network, because sugar and booze. If you ask me, there’s no better combination to get you through. If you want to make these something that you can share with the kids, though, skip the booze—they’ll be just as fun and delicious too.

We're stress eating through election day—and night—and these red, white and blueberry popsicles are just what we need. | The View From Great Island

Red, White and Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles | The View From Great Island

We found these Red, White, and Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles at The View From Great Island while searching for red, white, and blue recipes for July 4th. Though tonight is no summer cookout—not even close—I certainly wouldn’t mind having some popsicles to snack on while glued to the television this evening. Plus, these make a super fun election night dessert for the kids.

Looking for election day sweets to stress eat your way through the last 24 hours? These Election Day Cookies can be made entire from scratch or using store-bought ingredients. | The Food Network
I love these Election Day Sugar Cookies at The Food Network because the simple recipe calls for just the right amount of work to stay distracted, but not feel like I’m doing anything too strenuous or messy. If you don’t have time to mix up the cookie dough from scratch, you can always work some magic by kneading red, white, and blue sprinkles into store-bought sugar cookie dough.

The Patriotic Trifles in a Jar are easy to make—either with homemade or store-bought pound cake—for stress day eating this election day... and night. | Unsophisticook
Trifle is one of my favorite easy desserts because you can make as much of it from scratch or store-bought ingredients as time allows. Any dessert recipe that allows that much flexibility and serves us deliciousness no matter how you put it together is a winner in my book. That’s why this Patriotic Trifle in a Jar at Unsophisticook is on the menu in my house tonight. If I get really stressed, I’ll probably distract myself by making this homemade Lemon Ricotta Poundcake, but store-bought pound cake will surely be delicious too.

Make these Flag Cookie Cups semi-homemade or entirely from scratch for a sweet election night recipe to stress eat until the results come in | Modern Parents Messy Kids

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie Cups | Modern Parents Messy Kids

If you’re feeding a crowd—or like to binge eat when you’re stressed (ha!)—the super easy Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie Cups that we found at Modern Parents Messy Kids while looking for July 4th party ideas are the ticket. You can certainly make your favorite sugar cookie dough from scratch, but the recipe calls for store-bought dough and, hey, sometimes you just have to follow the recipe. You can also choose between homemade and store-bought cream cheese frosting. Then bake in a muffin tin and create a flag with strategic strawberry and blueberry placement. Because nothing makes me feel more patriotic than this election season being over.