If your cabinets are anything like mine, they’re packed with random mason jars — big ones and small ones, tall ones and squat ones. While I tend to put them to pretty good use, I’ve found my favorite reuse yet in this DIY mason jar snack pack, which also makes use of those individual apple sauce containers. You know the ones that I feel terrible about buying, but still do from time to time? Both put to smart use in one easy kitchen hack. Here’s the deal.

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It all started when I found this Bnto & Jar Combo ($20; top) at Cuppow, a great company that makes adaptors to turn mason jars into super useful things like grownup and kid sippy cups, cocktail shakers, tea infusers, and more. Brilliant, right? And, if you ask me, worth it if you don’t have the stuff on hand to make your own (especially if you just need the little cup adaptor, which is $8.99 on its own).

But what if you’ve already spent money on everything you need to DIY the snack pack? Then why not save the cash, right?


Easy kitchen hack! DIY Mason Jar Snack Pack | Cool Mom Eats

I’ve seen this kitchen hack all over the internet, so I’m not sure who came up with the idea first. I can tell you this, though: I put it to the test myself and it works. Well, even!


How to make a DIY mason jar snack pack | Cool Mom Eats

To start, you need a wide-mouthed mason jar. It can be any volume; you can see that I used a small one to pack up tzatziki as a dip for pretzels, but if you’re packing carrot sticks and hummus, for example, you’ll want a taller wide-mouthed jar.

You’ll also need a cleaned out individual apple sauce cup. Or rice pudding cup… or whatever else comes in those 3-inch, foil-lidded plastic cups.


Our new favorite kitchen hack! How to make your own mason jar snack pack | Cool Mom Eats

Once you fill the jar and cup with goodies, you want to put the lid on mason jar — sans ring — and then flip the plastic cup over so that the opening is resting on top of the lid.

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Upcycle that apple sauce cup and mason jar with this kitchen hack: DIY mason jar snack pack | Cool Mom Eats

Then, slip the mason jar ring over the plastic cup and tighten to close.


DIY snack pack! All you need is a wide-mouthed mason jar and individual apple sauce cup for this easy kitchen hack | Cool Mom Eats


I like putting “wet” stuff like dips and almond butter in the jar because it feels less messy. But maybe that’s just me? Also, as you can see at the very top, if you use a tall mason jar, you can put the wet stuff in the apple sauce cup and rest it in the jar, open side up, before putting the lid and ring on, which also saves space.