If you guys watched the Super Bowl last night, you probably caught the Martha and Snoop Dogg Super Bowl commercial. While the spot was all that and more — because MARTHA STEWART AND SNOOP DOGG — the best part, well, besides the thinly veiled weed references, was the bumper that Martha posted on Instagram. And the best part about the bumper is the Bakers Gonna Bake sweatshirts that the duo wore.

If you’re with me, you’re in luck, because I found out where they got their sweatshirts, which means that we can get our own too!

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If you're interested in the sweatshirt Martha Stewart wore in the bumper for her Super Bowl commercial, we found it... and more!! | Cool Mom Eats

Hop on over to the Miss Jones Baking Co. site where you can buy your very own Bakers Gonna Bake sweatshirt or, if you prefer, one of their other hilarious sweatshirts and tees ($20-40). And while there, you should learn more about the Miss Jones Baking Co., too, which surprisingly, is not an apparel company. They make organic, non-GMO, and plant-based baking products that I’m dying to try.

In fact, I might even pick myself up one of these baker boxes so that I can get my hands on a shirt and some sweets. Because I deserve it…and I want to be like Martha even more now that she’s pals with Snoop Dogg. And maybe a fan of purple kush…I mean, cushions.