My boys are just starting to go deep — like really deep — into the Harry Potter universe. In fact, these days, all it takes to earn me mother of the year points is sketching a Gryffindor crest on their lunch note (and I use the word “sketch” loosely) or promising a Butterbeer milkshake for dessert (vanilla ice cream blended with a splash of milk and my homemade caramel sauce). So when I found this awesome collection of inexpensive, super cool Harry Potter cookie cutters, I knew I hit the jack pot.

I mean, these could earn me a whole month of good will, which is downright magical.

Top: Deathly Hallows cookie cutter at La Boite à Cookies on Etsy

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Dark Mark Harry Potter cookie cutter at Crimson Mane Creations on Etsy

9 3/4 Harry Potter Cookie Cutter at Molds by Buffy on Etsy

Top: Dark Mark Harry Potter cookie cutter at Crimson Mane Creations on Etsy

Bottom: 9 3/4 cookie cutter at Molds by Buffy on Etsy

If your kids (or, um, you) are also super into Harry Potter, you have to check out the full list of cookie cutters that Joanna at Bustle rounded up. And here’s a tip: Be sure to peruse the stores that Joanna links to, as many of them offer even more Harry Potter cookie cutters that Joanna features.

And the best part? None is more than $9 and each will make your cookies a hit with the kids, even if baking isn’t your thing. Though you can always use our foolproof sugar cookie dough recipe so that they look and taste good.

Or do as other muggles do and stamp out store-bought dough. These cutters work like magic either way.