Why yes, it is time to start bookmarking all the best summer grilling recipes out there, if you haven’t already. And here we are to help!

Every year, we’re excited when the start of summer gives us an excuse to make more use out of that backyard grill — an investment we’ve never once regretted — and our outdoor space. Whoo! So I’ve gone through our packed archive of recipes to pull together our favorite summer grilling recipes — plus all the tips that you’ll need to get you through every night of summer and beyond.

As Lisa put it recently why not take this opportunity to make any old night feel like a special weekend or holiday? Yay, summer.

But first!

Now, onto the recipes!
Updated for 2024

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90 of our favorite summer grilling recipes

* The perfect burger seems to be a good place to start.

* 5 mouthwatering burger recipes for summer grilling that go beyond beef — great for fish eaters or vegetarians.

* 7 creative summer burger recipes from the classic to recipes like a Thai Turkey Burger. Tons of inspiration.

* 5 easy dinner recipes you can grill, from pizza to foil pack dinners to salad (yes, salad!)

Best grilling recipes: Great tips for grilling perfectly juicy sausages

Grilled Sausages | © Jane Sweeney for Cool Mom Eats

*The perfect grilled Italian sausage recipe with all the tips you need for perfectly juicy, sizzling flavor on your plate, whatever kind of sausage you’re grilling, however large your family.

*A delicious recipe for a grilled potato side dish

8 vegetarian cookout recipes just for vegetarians and vegans including a grilled salsa I love.

* 10 summer camping recipes so good, you may never go back to the oven – one of our most popular posts ever, and it all works just fine over your backyard grill.

* 7 globally-inspired burger recipes that level up your burger game

* 6 killer hot dog recipes to spice up summer. So many ideas! So many toppings!

* 5 of the best steak recipes to make dinner sizzle

* 8 of the best summer grilling recipes that might be new to you like this Grilled Corn with Ancho Butter and Lime recipe.

* 9 cheesetastic grilled cheese recipes you can do on a grill.

*Delicious homemade grilled pizza with step-by-step instructions, store-bought shortcuts, and topping suggestions.

How to grill pizza: Step by step instructions and topping ideas | Jane Sweeney for Cool Mom EatsStep-by-step instructions for grilling pizza | images: Jane Sweeney for Cool Mom Eats

* 7 more ways to upgrade a classic grilled cheese and turn it into an entire meal.

* 7 delicious grilled fruit dessert recipes because, you can’t forget dessert, right?

* And one more: Jane calls this Berry Crisp the easiest, most impressive summer dessert you can make on the grill. A perfect ending!


Photo at top: Nicklas Rhöse via Unsplash