This Monday officially kicks off the unofficially beginning of summer with Memorial Day. And Memorial Day cookouts.

While holidays feel a bit different for most of us right now  — or a lot different — I am still determined to bring some normalcy back to our lives wherever I can. And for me, that means making a pitcher of sangria, pulling off the grill cover, and devouring burgers in the backyard this Monday with our family.

I may even order a new sprinkler for the kids.

Also, I have fallen in love with grocery delivery service and am slowly transitioning back into buying food for just one week at a time, instead of two or more. If you can’t get delivery service where you live, you can still plan out a few more days by searching our Weekly Meal Plan archives for more ideas to stretch out your grocery visits or recipes that let you cook in bulk.

So grab a pen, or open up your AnyList app and let’s plan out meals for next week.  From delicious stuffed burgers to a healthier twist on pizza night, hopefully you find some inspiration and help planning out this next week.

Top: Inside Out Cheeseburgers from Chelsea’s Messy Apron and Rose Sangria from Simply Whisked

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Weekly Meal Plan to Kick Off the Beginning of Summer

Stuffed Burgers from Chelseas Messy Apron

Burgers just go hand in hand with Memorial Day and I I love this recipe for cheese stuffed burgers from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. Because, CHEESE IN THE MIDDLE. Do not skip on the sauce, because her recipe is what makes this burger practically perfect. There’s even a bonus recipe in here for a delicious corn salsa — the perfect side dish!  If you can’t get fresh corn just yet, frozen will substitute just fine.

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Perfect Rose Sangria from Simply Whisked

As I mentioned, Memorial Day is the official beginning of Sangria Season. Oh, you didn’t know this was A Thing? Now it can be your thing too!  My favorite is this Rose Sangria recipe from Simply Whisked.  It’s a perfect way to turn a regular shelter-in-place kind of a Monday into an actual holiday weekend.

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Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers from WhatsGabyCooking

Get your grill cover off and grill up these super yummy Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers from What’s Gaby Cooking. They only need to marinade about an hour before you grill them, so enjoy some leftover Sangria while you toss together the Homemade Tzatziki sauce.  My family looks forward to these served with Naan and coconut rice. (Tip: I just cook my rice in coconut water, or half coconut milk and half water depending on what is in my pantry).  I always double or triple the Tzatziki sauce and eat it all week long with veggies or pita chips because yes it’s just that good.


Delicious Spring Panzanella from SmittenKitchen

One of my very favorite things in the world is Panzanella salad.  There are so many variations on this Italian summer staple.  When I was flipping through my saved recipes this week, this Spring Panzanella recipe from Smitten Kitchen popped up and I was like YESSSSS.  You can use whatever fresh spring veggies you have on hand, or add protein for your growing kids by doubling up the chicken recipe above.

This one is also a delicious way to use up that almost-stale bread and make room for the fresh new loaf next week.  And if you’re baking as much as I am, you have a LOT of bread to use up right now.

Honey Garlic Salmon from Rasa Malaysia

I’m not going to lie, salmon is not my favorite fish.  But my family loves it and I know it is really good for me and easy to find these days.  So, I tracked down this ridiculous perfect recipe for Honey Garlic Salmon from Bee at Rasa Malaysia.  My kids gobbled it up, and I forgot I was eating salmon – it’s that good.

I suggest doubling up the rice you’ve made for your yogurt chicken skewers above, then serve salmon with rice and any leftover veggies or even the corn salsa from earlier in the week.


Healthy Pepperoni Pizza Quinoa Bake from the RealFoodRds

Let’s round out the week with a healthy twist on pizza night. You an always grill a pizza with these terrific tips. Or if you’re up for something new in the oven, my favorite is this oh-so-good Pepperoni Pizza Quinoa Bake from the Real Food RDs. I love that this recipe is super versatile – you can swap pepperoni for sausage, use both if you prefer, and toss in olives or veggies. Whatever your family likes. Serve it with a huge green salad and it’s so easy.

This dish disappears quickly, so I suggest doubling it up, and sticking a second baking dish in your oven and freezing, so you can pull out another day to enjoy again.


Most Amazing Texas Sheet Cake from TheStayAtHomeChef

When I was growing up, Memorial Day officially kicked off Texas Sheet Cake season as well.  If you have ever had it, you understand.  If you haven’t, thank me later for gifting you your family’s new favorite dessert.  This recipe from The Stay At Home Chef is truly amazing; it’s a simple, super delicious treat you will make often. Promise. We have a nut allergy in our home, so I sub pepitas for pecans, or leave them off all together. It’s still perfect.

Happy summer everyone! Whatever that looks like for you!