Grab your pen and grocery list, because next week’s meal plan is ready! We’ve found 5 great recipes that make smart use of your time in the kitchen. We have tips to stretch your cooking, so one session in the kitchen lasts for more than one recipe (whoo!). We also have some great vegetarian options and ideas to help with other dietary needs.

Happy eating, parents! Fingers crossed, your kids might even ask for seconds on these easy dinners.

At top: Kung Pao Tofu at The Modern Proper; tips for grilling a perfectly juicy burger at The Cookie Rookie

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Weekly meal plan: Kung Pao Tofu at Modern Proper

For #MeatlessMonday this week, do a better-than-takeout version of Kung Pao Tofu with this delicious recipe at The Modern Proper. Tofu doesn’t really reheat that well, but if you prep a double portion of the veggies (before you season and cook them) you can use them later this week in the shrimp fajita recipe.

Weekly meal plan: Super Easy Penne at Halfbaked Harvest

I’ve been making double portions of this super easy penne pasta at Halfbaked Harvest lately, and we use the leftovers for lunch all week. (If it lasts that long.) If you’re not a huge garlic fan, you can definitely cut back on the garlic. And we use vegan sausage instead of actual meat for another plant based meal in the week. I love that Tieghan includes stove top, Instant Pot, and slow cooker options in the instructions for this recipe.

Weekly meal plan: Chicken Shawarma at A Clean Bake

What’s not to love about this Chicken Shawarma dinner at A Clean Bake? It’s gluten free, paleo and Whole30 friendly, not to mention it cooks in the slow cooker (so easy!). Plus, it’s bursting with yummy flavor my kids actually like.

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Weekly meal plan: Sheet Pan shrimp fajitas at Candy Jar Chronicles

Let’s make Taco Thursday a thing and cook these super easy sheet pan shrimp fajitas at Candy Jar Chronicles. You can serve them on salad, with tortillas, or over a bowl of rice seasoned lightly with lime juice and cilantro for a fresh, delicious dinner.

Weekly meal plan: Tips for grilling a perfectly juicy burger at The Cookie Rookie

Ease into the weekend with burgers for dinner, using these tips for grilling a perfectly juicy burger at The Cookie Rookie. If you’re looking for a plant-based option, the southwestern black bean burgers at My Modern Cookery offer a hearty patty with some kick.

Weekly meal plan: A one-bowl carrot cake recipe we swear by at Minimalist Baker

When it’s cold out, I like to bake. But, I hate to clean up the kitchen afterward. That’s why this one-bowl carrot cake at The Minimalist Baker is one of my favorite recipes. It’s so simple and delicious, and it’s secretly vegan and gluten free — so it’s basically health food, right?