If cold weather, cooped up kids, and a complete lack of sunlight have got you down, I feel you. This isn’t my favorite time of year either — except for a new tradition in my neighborhood. My neighbor has started hosting happy hour in her kitchen while we bundle the kids for their afternoon play time. And what better way to spend it than sipping on boozy coffee drinks.

Caffeine + booze is definitely the best way to make it through the rest of February, especially with these recipes that go way beyond Irish Cream.

Top: Spiced Thai Iced Coffee | The Cookie Rookie

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Boozy coffee drink recipes: Mint Iced Coffee at How Sweet Eats

Mint Iced Coffee | How Sweet Eats

I’ve never had coffee with mint before, but it looks really yummy. To make a boozy version of the Mint Iced Coffee recipe at How Sweet Eats that we included on our list of best iced coffee recipes, I’m thinking of adding a shot of Kahlúa. And, hey, I might as well eat a couple of Thin Mints with it too. Sounds like the perfect pairing, amirite?

Boozy coffee drink recipe: Frozen White Russians at Crumb Kitchen
These Vegan Frozen White Russians at Crumb Kitchen are made with coffee and cake-flavored vodka. Cake vodka! But, they’re vegan, so they’re healthy, right?

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Boozy coffee drink recipes: Spiced Thai Iced Coffee at The Cookie Rookie
This recipe for Spiced Thai Iced Coffee at The Cookie Rookie (above & top) could easily become an obsession. Sweet amaretto, spicy cardamom, and some strong, strong coffee sounds like the perfect sip for a cold, wintery day.

Boozy coffee drink recipes: Key to My Heart coffee at Cook, Eat, Be Healthy
This Key to My Heart Coffee recipe at Cook, Eat, Be Healthy was fun for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t see any reason why Bourbon cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans should be limited to just one day a year. Do you?

Boozy coffee drink recipes: Spanish Coffee at Blossom to Stem
This recipe for Spanish Coffee at Blossom to Stem combines the classic flavors of orange and chocolate, with some rum added in for good measure. Plus, you get to light this one on fire. Seriously.