With so much happening in the world (like, uh, this week), I feel silly taking issue with daylight savings, but seriously? As far as I’m concerned, this institutionalized tradition, which surely once had significance, does nothing but decimate family sleeping schedules the nation over.

And I take my family’s sleeping schedule very seriously.

I realize that “falling back” is supposed to be great—one more hour they say—but if your kids are anything like mine, it just means they got up at 5:30 a.m. instead of 6:30 a.m., and I’m still tired from it. So I’m turning to these truly delicious, fall-flavored coffee drink recipes to wake up. Because I have a feeling that it’s going to take more than one cup of coffee to get me going this week.

Top: Salted Nutella Latte at The Faux Martha | Lavender Latte at Fox and Briar | Pumpkin Chai Latte at Glitter Guide | Maple Cinnamon Latte at Port and Fin

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Daylight savings? Got coffee. This Salted Nutella Latte will save the day. | The Faux Martha
If there was ever a way to treat yourself with coffee, it’s with this Salted Nutella Latte at The Faux Martha. I mean, coffee and Nutella, right? Don’t skip the pinch of salt. It may seem unnecessary, but totally takes this to the next level (as salt does).


Fall coffee drink recipe perfection! Maple Cinnamon Latte recipe | Port and Fin

I promised fall flavors, then started with Nutella. In all fairness, Nutella qualifies as an all-year-round flavor, but let’s get to the warm-cozies you’ve been waiting for. This Maple Cinnamon Latte at Port and Fin is seasonal perfection. If I could, I’d top this with a leaf pattern using steamed milk, but I can’t. And who am I kidding, even if I could, this would go down way too fast for such details.

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We're dealing with daylight savings by indulging in delicious fall coffee drinks like this Snickerdoodle Latte at House of Yumm

In a similar vein, this Snickerdoodle Latte is loaded with cinnamon and brown sugar, one of my favorite fall and holiday season flavor combinations. Hop on over to House of Yumm to get the ratios just right and also to check out Serene’s other latte recipes, including salted caramel deliciousness.


A Pumpkin Chai Latte recipe with chai tea and coffee - yes! | Glitter Guide

You didn’t think I’d go without including something pumpkin spice, did you? You hate it—but you also love it. (Am I right?) This Pumpkin Chai Latte at Glitter Guide had me at chai, but it turns out that it’s also spiked with coffee. As in delicious flavor and double the caffeine. I’m so in.

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We're intrigued by this soothing Lavender Latte recipe at Fox and Briar—the perfect thing to charge us up and keep us calm to get through daylight savings?

I’m intrigued by this soothing Lavender Latte at Fox and Briar. It just might be the perfect thing to charge me up and keep me calm at the same time—just what I need to deal with this daylight savings situation.