We’ve all been there. You just scored some great plates, glasses, candleholders, coffee mugs, picture frames, or [fill in the blank] at your favorite home goods store and those pesky stickers won’t come off. You’re starting to swear, that sticky residue is ruining your sponge, and you are (or at least I am) ready to give up, hoping that the dishwasher will do the job.

Spoiler alert: It never does.

But fret not, because I’ve found three easy solutions for how to remove sticker labels that I promise can be executed with no — or let’s just say minimal — cursing. Because your time is way better spent drinking from those glasses, not scrubbing them.

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How to remove sticker labels: you'll never believe how mayonnaise can come to the rescue! | Cool Mom Eats

1. Mayonnaise

The oil in this pantry staple can help you solve a host of household problems, including the removal of sticky price tags or Trolls stickers on glass windows. (What? That’s never happened in your house?) Spread a little on top of the sticker and let it sit for a few minutes before peeling off. If needed, use a dull knife or thin metal spatula to help remove any excess sticky residue.


A hairdryer is one of our top 3 ways for how to remove sticker labels from dishes, glasses and more. Read how! | Cool Mom Eats

2. Hairdryer

Not so into using greasy mayo? Use a hairdryer for a less messy way to remove sticker labels. Simply blast the sticky residue with high heat for about 30 seconds and wipe away. If the sticker labels are stubborn, just keep blasting until it comes off easily.



How to remove sticker labels: For the really tough stuff, use a pro-strength remover like Goof Off. Or check out one of our other ideas using products you already have in the house. | Cool Mom Eats

3. Goof Off

Caroline told me about this awesome product, Goof Off, which is an inexpensive add-on item at Amazon or something that you can probably find at your local hardware store or Target. I still can’t believe that I just learned about this parental treasure. Its general purpose is to remove adhesives, but it can also remove crayon, pen, tree sap, lipstick, and more. As with any remover, always test a little before applying it to certain surfaces. But then, go crazy for clean!