It’s been quite a week. And not in a good way. Just as we’ve been struggling to handle our emotions about the turmoil, along comes Tina Fey with her Weekend Update sheetcaking segment. Plenty of it made us laugh, just when we needed it.

While we’ve seen quite a bit of pushback since then about her (arguably tongue-in-cheek) advice to stay home and try sheetcaking instead of heading out to confront violent protesters — and those points are excellent ones — we’re certainly hoping this isn’t an either/or situation.

We’ve gotten through the challenges of the past year both by doing what we can — calling our elected officials, amplifying important voices on social media, attending peaceful marches and protests to stand up for justice and tolerance, supporting important non-profits — and, well, admittedly, eating what we can.

Hey, self-care comes in a lot of forms.

Delicious, delicious forms.

So if you’re now craving a good sheet cake (and we wouldn’t blame you), as Tina said, of course you can support local bakeries with African-American or Jewish owners — something we should all be doing all the time anyway. But truly, cooking and baking (beat those eggs!) can also be pretty cathartic.

So if you’re down for a little DIY sheetcaking like we are, here are four fab sheet cake recipes that make us want to throw our faces into them right this second.

Just be sure to wash your hands before picking up your phone to make another call to the (202) area code.

-Stacie, Liz + Kate

Also, much love to our friends marching for peace in Boston today. Thank you for your voices and be safe.


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Best sheetcaking recipes: American Flag cake at Well Plated

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We think you get the point.