Long before a person learns to butterfly a chicken or make a roux, they need to get comfortable spending time in the kitchen. Luckily, cooking is full of fun sensory experiences like cracking eggs and rolling cookie dough that can get kids excited about making food from a young age. And Cook in a Book is a new series that primes them for these tasks before they’re tall enough to even reach the counter.

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Cook in a Book: Pizza | A new series of food books for little kids that we're loving! | Cool Mom Eats

The Cook in a Book series takes kids through the basics of a recipe with interactive pieces, like a cardboard pancake that they can actually flip or a squishy rubber circle of dough they can knead with their hands.

I can’t guarantee that your little Julia Child or Emeril will be ready to make a five-course family dinner after exploring this book, but it might just help plant the seeds of kitchen confidence that will stay with them into adulthood. Or maybe until it’s time for them to pack their own school lunch?

A parent can dream, right?

Find Pizza! and Pancakes! at our affiliate Amazon or your local indie bookstore right now. Tacos! comes out on October 2nd.