There are about a gazillion home delivery dinner kit services to chooser from right now. We know, because we’re currently testing them and will have a full rundown of how they compare soon. But there’s one that really stood out that we couldn’t wait to share with you, and that’s Fed 40. This amazing deliver-to-your-door meal kit company provides dinners not just to anyone, but only to those who are in need of a little help making ends meet.

They’ve already delivered nearly 100,000 meals to low-income parents and kids. How amazing is that?

Update April, 2020:
Please see this note from Feeding Children Everywhere regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. FCE will only distribute meals directly to families through their domestic program Full Cart. We do not have any additional information.

If you are in need of food, please fill out this online emergency assistance application
If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Full Cart donation page

Full Cart is providing meals to families in need right now during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here's how to apply for services.

Parents who need food assistance can fill out some basic info about their families to make sure that they meet the Fed 40 requirements, then they get 40 servings of nutritious meals…completely free. Doesn’t this just make your heart happy?

I love that this company looks just like any other meal delivery service, which gives some dignity to the process for those who have found themselves in leaner times. We’ve been there, and it’s tough. Giving parents a chance to provide good, healthy meals for their families without any embarrassment is a beautiful thing.

If you want to donate to help Fed 40 continue to provide meals for families in need, you can at their website. Just $10 will provide one box of 40 meals.

NOTE: If you are in need of food for your family, fill out this online emergency assistance application.
You can also visit their menu age for affordable family meal recipes and ideas.
Please not leave a comment here if you need immediate help; we are not affiliated with this program.