If you’re an Instant Pot fanatic — and who isn’t these days? — then your precious dinner maker is not complete without a decal. Yes, it’s true: Decorating your Instant Pot is totally a thing. While we admittedly said a collective, “Wait, what?!” at first, after doing a little Internet searching, we here at Cool Mom Eats are total converts.

Or at least we got a pretty hearty laugh that we wanted to share with you.

Enjoy these hilarious pop culture Instant Pot decals that we found. But good luck picking a favorite one. You might just need to buy another Instant Pot!

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Ryan Gosling Instant Pot Decal

I realize the whole Ryan Gosling Hey Girl thing is a little outdated, but I don’t care. It’s pretty freaking funny on the side of an Instant Pot (above). I love this Ryan Gosling Instant Pot label from vinylco too.


Breaking Bad Instant Pot Decals

This Breaking Bad Instant Pot label is hilarious. And, yay science! Or, um, something like that.

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game of thrones instant pot decal

We have found the perfect Instant Pot decal for you Game of Thrones fans. Plus, when your kids keeping asking you about dinner, you can just point to your Instant Pot. Ha.


Star Wars Instant Pot Decal

We have found the decal you have been looking for Star Wars lovers. Making dinner, you are.

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Queen Under Pressure Instant pot decal

Even Queen could not have predicted that their iconic song would some day be used for a little Instant Pot humor.


Lionel Ritchie Instant Pot decal

I’m a sucker for a good play on Lionel Ritchie’s words, as you’ve probably seen here. Cheese plates. Mugs. So, of course, this Instant Pot decal makes our list.

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Princess Bride instant pot decal

I laugh every time I see this Princess Bride Instant Pot decal (above & top). Just when you thought the best line of this movie couldn’t get any better.