It’s time to start thinking about your meal plan for next week. From one-pan meatballs to a 20-minute enchilada bowl, we’ve got five weeknight dinners that will get you through the week ahead. So grab a pen, make your shopping list, and stock up before the weekend’s over. And if it’s easier for you to do that from your inbox, be sure to sign up for our weekly meal plan emails.

Top: Pan-Braised Meatballs at The Pig and The Quill 

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Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: Pasta with White Beans and Rosemary Pesto at The Wanderlust Kitchen

With temps dropping, I’ll be making cozy pastas for #MeatlessMonday more and more. This White Beans and Pasta with Rosemary Pesto at The Wanderlust Kitchen is first up thanks to how quick and easy it is to make. Beans give extra protein and the easy pesto tons of extra flavor. It’s perfect early winter food.


Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: Pan-Braised Meatballs at The Pig and The Quill

I love meatballs because of how versatile they are and the fact that kids love them, but some recipes are quite the project. This one for Pan-Braised Meatballs at The Pig and The Quill is exactly the opposite. You throw everything together in a food processor, roll and fry them up, then braise them in your favorite store-bought sauce. Weekday meatballs at their best.


Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: 20-Minute Chicken Enchilada Bowl at Lauren's Latest

I not only love these 20-Minute Chicken Enchilada Bowls at Lauren’s Latest because of how quickly they come together (though can we agree that’s reason enough?), but also because they make a one bowl meal. Pack in chicken, rice, beans, and veggies for a super quick dinner that hits all of the marks.

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Tex-Mex Salmon in Foil, plus tips on how to cook en papillote (or how to cook in parchment) from The Dinner Plan Cookbook by Kathy Brennan and Caroline Campion | Cool Mom Eats (Photo by Maura McEvoy)

The Tex-Mex Salmon in Foil from The Dinner Plan cookbook is just one of the many fantastic, easy family dinners the book has to offer. It’s one of my favorite, though, because once you make this, you’ll get the hang of how to cook any fish en papillote, an indispensable cooking technique for anyone looking to make more kid-friendly meals that are also super light and healthy.


Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: Broccoli Mac and Cheese at Dad with a Pan

Well, if you’re light and healthy one night, that means you can indulge on the next, right? This One-Pan Mac and Cheese with Broccoli at Dad with a Pan is just what Friday night calls for. The kids may disagree given the green veggie, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And when it means everything in one pan (easy!) and coating veggies in cheese (smart!), we count it as a win.