Enjoying fried foods for Hanukkah celebrates the magical story of the Jewish holiday, aka The Festival of Lights. Families feast on crispy latkes, fried jelly doughnuts, and more decadent Hanukkah treats for eight nights.

Holiday cookies, while not fried, are a fun addition to the celebration. Because, really, who doesn’t love a cookie, especially this time of year? So I found 8 Hanukkah cookies — some traditional, some with a fun Hanukkah-themed twist — that you’ll want to eat on all eight days… and nights too.

Top: Hanukkah Candle Cookie Menorah | Camille Styles

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Hanukkah cookie recipes | rugelach hanukkah cookies at Kitchn

Recipe and photo by  Emma Christensen for The Kitchn

I cannot resist good rugelach. The flakey, filled cookies are so delicious and the recipe for the Best Rugelach Cookie at The Kitchn is perfect for Hanukkah. Once you make the dough, you can fill yours with nuts, jam, Nutella… anything goes! Oh, and if you feel like you don’t have time for this traditional recipe, try the shortcut version that Jane found while rounding up easy holiday cookie recipes that are simple enough for even people who don’t like to bake.


Hanukkah cookie recipes | hanukkah jelly cookies at Living Sweet Moments

These Hanukkah Jelly Cookies at Living Sweet Moments are a fun twist on Sufganiyot, the jelly doughnuts traditionally served during Hanukkah, but in cookie form. Kids will love the powdered sugared covered sandwich cookies filled with their favorite jam. The grown-ups will too.


Hanukkah cookie recipes | Monogrammed shortbread Hanukkah Cookies at Martha Stewart

These Monogrammed Hanukkah Shortbread Cookies at Martha Stewart would make beautiful place settings at your Hanukkah dinner, or as a favor at a child’s holiday party. Even if you don’t get the letter stamps to monogram them, buttery shortbread Star of David cookies are festive and fun. Simple too.

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Hanukkah cookie recipes | Chocolate olive oil Hanukkah crinkle gelt cookies at Busy in Brooklyn

These Chocolate Olive Oil Crinkle Hanukkah Gelt Cookies at Busy in Brooklyn elevate a standard cookie with rich ingredients. Intense chocolate flavor combined with a rich and fruity extra virgin olive oil make these truly special. Don’t skimp on the EVOO! In baking, it’s especially important to go with high quality oil. Once baked, top these with a chocolate gelt coin and they are ready to serve. And eat!


Hanukkah cookie recipes | Hanukkah candle cookie menorah at Camille Styles

How fabulous is this Hanukkah Candle Cookie Menorah at Camille Styles? The candle-shaped sugar cookies can become an edible centerpiece displayed on your menorah or a nightly cookie treat to enjoy after you light your real thing.


Hanukkah cookie recipes | Hanukkah Sugar cookies at Tori Avey

These Hanukkah Sugar Cookies at Tori Avey spin traditional sugar cookie dough into festive dreidel and Star of David treats. Make sure to purchase Hanukkah cookie cutters and get baking! Tori breaks down every step — from baking to decorating with homemade royal icing — but you can cut a few corners with store bought blue and white icing.

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Hanukkah cookie recipes | New classic Coconut Macaroons by Alice Medrich at Food52

I love Coconut Macaroons (or anything made with coconut) and this recipe from Alice Medrich at Food52 is sublime. Instead of using traditional flake coconut, she uses big coconut shavings, creating an awesome texture. Then, when the cookies are hot out of the oven, she tops them with a piece of dark chocolate. Drool!


Hanukkah cookie recipes | Blue crinkle cookies at The Nosher

These Blue Hanukkah Crinkle Cookies at The Nosher are a fun twist on crinkle cookies, which are usually chocolate. They are still soft and chewy on the inside, crisp on the outside, but blue food coloring makes them Hanukkah festive. And I’m down with that.

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