When you find your favorite lunch bags on sale, that’s when you realize sometimes it does pay to procrastinate on back to school shopping sometimes. Or hey,¬†maybe your new middle-schooler is realizing just a few days into the school year that they’re wayyyy too mature for the cute lunch bag that was “perfect” for them this summer.

In which case, it’s a perfect time to take a look at the selection of wonderful¬†customizable Kipling lunch bags, all on sale right now for around 30% off.

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There are quite a few styles of Kipling lunch bags available on their site, each one available in up to ten gorgeous, bold colors with optional monogramming. If you’re fancy.

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and keep them fresh too.

Kipling Miyo soft lunch bag in green

Kipling soft lunch bags in bold colors and fun prints, all on sale

Kipling soft lunch bags for big kids in solids and sophisticated prints

Check out the Kipling Miyo lunch bag in 5 gorgeous bold colors or 4 funky prints. For something just a little smaller, I also like the Kipling Kichirou lunch bags in 10 colors and 8 prints. How great ist that green up top?



Kipling Piper Lunch Bags with soft shells and fun colors

You can also find the fun, slightly more compact Piper lunch bags that split the difference between prints and solids, with cool patterned accents on the strap and decorating the Kipling logo.

Kipling Star Wars Print soft lunch bag

Oh, and of course there’s one wonderfully designed Kipling Star Wars lunch bag, because there is no age at which you can outgrow Star Wars. (Fight me.)

I like that they’re all so well-constructed (I’m having a new love affair with Kipliing backpacks lately — for myself!), durable because, kids, versatile wit both hand straps and detachable shoulder straps, and soft for easy smooshing back into backpacks in the end of the day.

Plus they all include mesh bottle holders and insulated, thermal linings to keep those cold drinks cold and hot food hot. Because of course what’s inside the lunch bag matters even more than the outside. Your kids may want to remember that at some point.