I am not a master baker by any stretch. In fact, I’m one of those people who avidly gawks at our Instagram Feed, oohing and ahhing at the made-by-magic dessert creations we discover every day. Well, turns out there are some tricks to the trade, and one of them is Fancy Sprinkles.

Guess what they sell? C’mon…guess!

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Sprinkle bento boxes from Fancy Sprinkles make amazing gifts for your favorite bakers!

Fancy Sprinkle: sprinkle assortments for modern baking

Fancy Sprinkles: The "little blue box" assortment - beautiful for weddings, birthdays, and baby shower treats


Just perusing the assortment of fancy sprinkles, (or as you may think of them, chichi jimmies or resplendent decoratifs, depending on where you live) will make you want to make more cakes. With sprinkle assortment names like Roller Disco, Ice Cream Social, The Final Rose (ha), Unicorn Barf, and Violent Violet, surely that inspires something. They even indicate which sprinkles are gluten-free, which should make plenty of parents happy.

Amazing gift for a baker: Monthly sprinkly subscription box from Fancy Sprinkles


If you are looking for the most amazing gift for the your Master of All Bake Sales friend, the monthly luxury sprinkle subscription is genius. There are sprinkle bento boxes (shown up top) giving you a lot of bang for your buck. And if you can’t pick, there’s always the mystery bag of two random mini jars for just $4.

Also note that coming up for Halloween, we’ve got Crime Scene. Franken Girl. Candy Corn. Hocus Pocus. I’m starting to think that someone over there is having just as much fun naming them as eating them.

Find Fancy Sprinkles by the jar or by the box from their website. And hey, it’s my birthday! So if anyone wants to send me some Fancy Sprinkles cupcakes, I accept belated gifts any time.