When I stumbled upon this recipe for Spooky Halloween S’mores with Candy Marshmallows from Aww Sam I was like okay, done. Because if there’s one thing my kid need right now, according to them, it’s another way to get candy into their mouths. And if there’s another way to get candy into their mouths (besides just eating it), asking to get in the kitchen and make something new will usually get me to say yes.

In the name of creativity. And cooking. And independence. Of course.

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I think they’ll go nuts for a s’mores recipe made with gummy worms, eyeballs and fingers poking right out of the marshmallows. It probably won’t even even matter how it tastes because, candy.

Click over for the Halloween S’mores recipe and ingredients, and get ready to become the cool snack house for the next week.