Since their launch, we’ve all been big fans of S’well, the company that first said, “water bottles…but make it fashion!” Now they’re out with a brand new collection of S’well S’nack containers in two different sizes that I think of as hungry and hangry.

(Feel free to sure that, S’well. I’ll let you know where to send a check.)

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S'well S'nack new insulated food containers for back to school

S'well S'nack new insulated food containers for kids

Clearly they’re targeting the back-to-school market, with designs that are less faux marble and more patterns of gummy bears, avocado, cacti, and watermelon. They’re more like the playful Sip by S’well line that we’re more likely to see in JC Penney or Bed, Bath and Beyond than in Nordstrom. There are also a couple of color block two-tone solids, should you want one for you.

If it’s sophisticated you’re going for, check out the new S’well Eats vacuum packed containers.

Ah, there’s that faux marble I was talking about.

They’re a bit spendier, but a lot more office-ready and okay, gorgeous. I’m not used to thinking of insulated containers as gorgeous.

S'well eats new insulated food containers in sophisticated patterns

S'well eats new insulated food containers

If they’re anything like the water bottles from S’well, they’ll hold up great. If you do send your kids to school with them, just make are you use a name label, ‘kay? Swell.

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