New Year often equals new eating habits, as many of us are trying to make up for the damage done during the holidays. So we’ve found some kid-friendly healthy meals to help you kick off the new year with better habits and more well-balanced meals (goodbye, chicken tenders and tater tots) so you can feel great all winter long.

At top: sweet and sour chicken at Delightful Mom Food; Pomegranate Salad with Persimmons at Food Faith Fitness

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Weekly meal plan: Chicken Kebabs at Maple and Mango

This Grilled Chicken Kebabs recipe at Maple and Mango is great for kids because it’s dinner on a stick. Fun! You can roast these in the oven if grilling isn’t an option for you, and the bright colors are going to give you those much-needed vitamins this time of year.

Weekly meal plan: Sheet pan salmon at Hope Love Food

You’ll probably only have to buy two ingredients to make this Sheet Pan Salmon at Hope Love and Food, which makes my budget happy. Salmon still might be a stretch for some kids, but my toddlers always loved it because it was pink. And, of course, really tasty.

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Weekly meal plan: Sweet and Sour Chicken at Delightful Mom Food

Where are my Whole 30 people? This sneaky sweet and sour chicken at Delightful Mom Food is lighter because it isn’t breaded (which also happens to make it a much simpler recipe to make). When you make the kebabs earlier in the week, set aside some extra chicken for an even faster prep on this meal.

Weekly meal plan: Winter Salad at Food Faith Fitness

This Pomegranate Salad with Persimmons at Food Faith Fitness has some exciting (and possibly new) flavors here, but feel free to make any favorite “big salad” for dinner, and add some leftover salmon from earlier in the week. If you’re feeding toddlers too, we’d give them some avocado, persimmon, and fish—plated separately, because ewww, food touching!

Weekly meal plan: Vegan Meatballs at Okonomi Kitchen

A great thing you can do for your health—and the planet—is cut back on meat, so in the new year try some meat-free dishes like these delicious vegan meatballs at Okonomi Kitchen. With the sauce and noodles, they probably won’t even notice they are meatless. And you can switch to spaghetti squash or gluten-free noodles for an even healthier option.