Based one everything I’m seeing from friends and in my social feeds right now, bread makers are the hot new appliance. I’m seeing people sharing their homemade pizza dough photos, their baked breads, their gluten-free recipes…it’s amazing.

It makes me hungry.

I imagine that as a lot of us work extra hard to find some positives in our collective national quarantine right now, one of them is more time with the kids, and more time doing some of the things we always wish we had time to do. And if “bake my own bread” has always been on your list, I can’t think of a better time to get right on that.

With that, I did a lot of research to track down the best bread makers right now at the best prices. I compared reviews across the web including editorial reviews and user reviews on multiple retail sites. I also searched for items across various retailers to see where it actually is available, and who’s offering it for the best price.

Just know that this is one item that seems to be selling out as fast as TP, so maybe grab one now if you see something you like.

May they provide you with years and years of carb-y comfort and hopefully, some really nice memories.

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Cuisinart 2-pound Compact Automatic Bread Maker

best bread makers at the best prices: The Cuisinart 2-pound bread maker

I’ve generally had good experiences with Cuisinart appliances (my 15 year-old waffle maker is still going strong), so no surprise that this bread maker gets top reviews. Frankly, one five-star reviewer had me at “takes up much less space. yet the bread is better than the previous model.”  It’s got 12 preprogrammed options for all kinds of breads, including gluten-free, artisan dough, packaged mix, and even cake.

It’s not shipping for a few weeks, but considering the discount right now, it’s worth the wait.  Plus, they offer a price match guarantee, assuring you that you won’t find it for less anywhere else. ($109.95 on sale Williams-Sonoma, regularly $185)

Note that if you want a discount, you can also find the Compact Cuisinart 2 Quart Bread Maker from Amazon for just $82, but it will be shipping about a month from now. Another ASAP option: You can find it at Bed Bath & Beyond shipping now for $118.99.


Zojirushi Mini Bread Maker

best bread makers at the best prices: The Zorijurshi mini bread maker is fully loaded with bells and whistles

This compact bread maker gets stellar reviews everywhere I’ve looked, and while Amazon is only selling (at high margins) from third-party sellers, I found it at Sur La Table, in stock and ready to ship.It yields a 1 lb. loaf of bread, which is great for smaller families, and settings in addition to various breads include cookie dough, pasta dough, cake, and jam. It’s also got three texture settings, should you have kids who only like soft bread. I know there are a few of those out there!

This one looks incredibly simple to use (good for us newbies), and I like that it has both a quick baking cycle, for bread ready in two hours, as well as a 13- hour delay timer should you want to wake up to a fresh loaf. ($229.95, Sur La Table)

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Hamilton Beach Artisan Dough and Bread Maker

best bread makers at the best prices: The Hamilton Beach artisan dough bread maker

Hamilton Beach always makes solid, affordable appliances and this one is on exception. It’s a close alternative to the Hamilton Beach 2-Pound Digital Bread Maker which is extremely sold out right now.

As with the others, 14 settings give you a variety of options including breads (focaccia!), doughs, cakes, jams, plus a 1.5-pound 2-pound quick bread. It also offers a delay timer, 3 crust shades, and a few other bells and whistles.But this one at a really really good price — use the discount at Macy’s right now and it comes in lower than the MSRP on the brand’s own site. ($84.60, on sale at Macy’s, including extra 10% off with code VIP)

Note: if you’re a Beyond+ Member at Bed, Bath & Beyond, it’s just $71.99. Nice!


Breville Custom Loaf Breadmaker

best bread makers at the best prices: The Breville custom loaf bread maker is great for add-ins like nuts and dried fruit

If you are into a state-of-the-art bread maker that pulls out all the stops, this is the one for you. Especially if you’re into baking breads and cakes with add-ins like nuts, raisins and dried fruits, seeds, olives, or my favorite, chocolate chips. In addition to 13 automatic settings (including gluten-free and quick bread) as well as the crust color options of the others, Breville provides some cool functionality I haven’t seen anywhere else. Like a viewing light inside to let you check on your loaf without opening the liid. And a pause function so you can hand-shape your crusts or add a glaze. It even stores your own recipes!

Note that reviews seem a little spotty on the Williams-Sonoma website (which is offering the best price and has it in stock), but it earns four stars on Amazon from 300+ buyers, as well as a thumbs up from the testers at the Good Housekeeping Institute. ($299.95 on sale, Williams-Sonoma)