Today on Twitter, the one and only Lady Gaga introduced perhaps my favorite food collab ever: Lady Gaga edition Oreo cookies. As if I needed another reason to buy Oreos.

I desperately need cases of the metallic pink packages, each one packed with Golden Oreos. (My fave!) Only these happen to be tinted pink, with a green cream inside, and embossed with three designs all inspired by her sixth album, Chromatica.

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Gaga said in her video that she thought “it was a good idea,” and I wholly concur.

EDITED: You can now order the Lady Gaga Oreos, but hurry! They’re selling out. (Affiliate link)

Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos: Here's what to know about these limited edition pink-and-green beauties! |

So where and when can you get them?

Check Oreo’s Limited Edition page and…they’re not yet there. Evidently the Lady Gaga Oreos drop sometime in January, so unfortunately you can’t use them for your holiday cookie swap this year. But hey, it’s one more reason to be sure that 2021 will be far superior to 2020.

Will I happily use ten WW points to eat three a day? Absolutely.  Am I a sucker for great marketing and cool packaging? Without apology.

Images: @LadyGaga