At the end of every year, we share our top 10 most popular posts on Cool Mom Eats. It’s probably no surprise that most of the posts are pandemic related (remember when we were all baking bread and stuff?). And since so many of us were sort of forced to spend more time in our kitchens, whether we liked it or not, we’re glad that we could help make that a little easier. And tastier.

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Top posts of 2020: The best food Advent Calendars of 2020 | Cool Mom Eats

10. The best food advent calendars of 2020: From truffles to jerky to wine, over a dozen of the most delicious ways to countdown to Christmas by Christina Refford 

Advent calendars aren’t just for kids anymore. They’ve definitely come a long way!

9. How do I cook with what I have? 6 fantastic recipe apps that let you search by ingredient by Caroline Siegrist

A lot of us have become more aware of food waste this year and this post is a huge help. While we started using these apps at the start of the pandemic, they’re so handy that we will definitely be using them long after it’s over. (Which will hopefully be soon!)

8. The surprise egg substitute for baking that you probably already have in your pantry by Kate Etue

Any guesses? We were all surprised with Kate’s discovery.


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Top 10 posts of 2020: How to remove brownies from the pan (without them breaking!) | Cool Mom Eats

7. 10 tasty ways to doctor a boxed brownie mix. You’ll never go back to plain brownies again. by Kate Etue

Plain brownies are so 2019. But brownie mixes are here to stay, and these smart ideas will make them a lot more homemade.

6. Ordering food pick-up or delivery? Make sure you know these food safety tips. And then go for it. by Kristen Chase

As so many of us did our best to support local restaurants during the pandemic (and give ourselves a welcome break from cooking), there were many concerns about safety. These tips gave us the reassurance we needed.

5. Yes, you can bake bread! Here are 7 easy yeast bread recipes for beginners, plus all the tips you need by Christina Refford

What would 2020 have been without a how to bake bread post? Not very 2020.

4. Produce tips: 5 vegetable and other edibles you can re-grow quickly in your kitchen, no garden required by Kate Etue

Surprise! You can actually re-grow lettuce and scallions. Who knew?


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Top 10 posts of 2020: Easy meals to make with your pantry and freezer staplesOne Pot Pasta with Peas & Bacon at Salted Mint; Fried Rice by Jane Sweeney for Cool Mom Eats

3. Weekly meal plan: Easy meals you can make with pantry and freezer staples during the coronavirus quarantine by Kate Etue

We’re so happy to see one of our meal plans make the top 10.

2. How to make whipped coffee: Follow our easy tutorial and see why everyone is buzzing (ha) about Dalgona coffee by Christina Refford

We have TikTok to thank for this post. The real question is whether anyone is still actually making this stuff.

1. Quarantine pantry prep tips from an ex-mormon who’s trained her whole life for this by Laura Stone

Our guest contributor Laura Stone helped us all get our pantries stocked with her been-there-done-that tips, all with a great sense of humor.

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