I suppose it was bound to happen — charcuterie boards blow up as the hottest food trend, and next thing you know, we have charcuterie board earrings. Really.

It’s true, everyone’s favorite party appetizer turned easy at-home dinner is now blinged out and ready to dangle from your earlobes, right down to the beautiful row of salami, a wedge of brie, pimento olives, and an assortment of delicious carbs. All of which will last longer on a pair of earrings than the real stuff lasts in my fridge.

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Charcuterie board earrings. Hilarious gift for a foodie!

So I’m guessing right now, you fall into one of two camps:

1) Nope. Never. No way. I’ll stick with my delicate studs.

2) That’s hilarious! I love charcuterie and it makes me laugh! Or if not for me, then who could I buy them for? Because someone I know would love them…

If you fall into camp #2, either because you know they’d make a great gift for a foodie friend, or you like to wear statement jewelry these days that gives your neighbors something to compliment besides how nicely you wear you mask above your nose, you can grab them for $54 at Bauble Bar.

If you fall into camp #1, lighten up Francis. Then get those fabulous martini glass earrings instead.

Find the char-cute-erie board earrings while they last at Bauble Bar