It’s super trendy right now but I admit I have always loved a charcuterie board. They’re great for snack trays at parties of course (remember those?) and special treats for the kids, but as lots of us have learned during these so-tired-of-making-dinner days, charcuterie boards also make a really creative, easy dinner at home that everyone loves. They’re just so fun!

And yet… I don’t own a charcuterie board. As in, the actual board.

I’ve looked around for hacks, and sure I have some large platters. It’s also tempting to use a cutting board, but really not a great idea, especially if you use yours for cutting raw meat. And serving it all on a dish makes it feel a little less charcuterie and more here’s a bunch of stuff on a plate.

To remedy this dreadful situation* I’ve done some shopping around and found several boards for charcuterie to share. There are a few different styles worth checking out, if your’e in the same dire situation** I’m in.

With Valentine’s Day and hey, my own birthday coming up too, not to mention the rest of a looooooong winter to make it through without restaurant dinners to break up the week, I’m thinking this is a good opportunity to do a little shopping for right-sized charcuterie boards for my own family..

* Not really that dreadful
** Not particularly dire 

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6 boards for charcuterie that we love

Yes, you can buy a 30″ round board for charcuterie should you be catering lots of events or hosting massive backyard shindigs, but these days, you’ll likely end up scrambling to fill it up. Here are some boards that are sized just right for family entertaining, home movie nights, and appetizers-for-dinner dinners.


Our favorite boards for charcuterie boards: This long, slim acacia-wood board at Sur la Table

1. A long, skinny board that’s perfect for small charcuterie spreads

This long, skinny cheese board at Sur la Table is terrific for appetizers or small spreads. The board itself is beautiful, made from dense acacia wood, which is naturally resistant to bacteria. That’s a particular nice trait, should someone in the family unknowingly uses it as a cutting board instead. (Can you see this is a concern of mine? Don’t judge!)


Our favorite boards for charcuterie boards: This minimalist mango-wood and marble board at Crate & Barrel

2. A square board for a modern, minimalist charcuterie presentation

This mango-wood-and-marble board I saw at Crate & Barrel (other variations available too) is minimalist perfection. At 13-inches square, this one is sized to fit an impressive spread but doesn’t look like you’re catering a wedding. I particularly like that it’s marble, which goes with any decor at all, but it has a practical benefit too — stick it in the fridge before you design your charcuterie board, to help keep cold items cool.  DIY sushi tray, anyone?

If you really love marble, also check out the all-marble square charcuterie board from Food 52, created with JK Adams. Lovely.

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Our favorite boards for charcuterie boards: This slate lazy susan board at West Elm is affordable, and right-sized for appetizers for dinner

3. A round lazy suzan charcuterie board for smaller tables

For a more rustic but still elegant look, this slate charcuterie board from West Elm is a classic choice. The 15″ diameter is terrific for appetizers or smaller families and I love the look of a round board.  Bonus: it’s a lazy susan, so it rotates. Kids tend to find that a little more fun, but as a parent, I sort of like that the kids don’t have to reach over each other to get to their favorite snacks.

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Our favorite boards for charcuterie boards: This pizza board at Pottery Barn does double duty, which is perfect if you need multi-functional kitchen items

4. Charcuterie board hack: Try a pizza board

I don’t have lots of room in my own kitchen, so I like to buy items that are multi-functional. 19-inch wooden pizza board makes a lovely charcuterie tray for a medium sized gathering, and of course, you can also use it to serve up homemade pizza too and make it feel a little fancier. Bonus: that hole in the handle lets you can hang it for easy storage, or a pretty display on your kitchen or dining room wall.

Modular charcuterie board in sections can be used in so many ways!

5. A modular charcuterie board that converts to different sizes

Need a good all-in-one solution? This modular bamboo charcuterie board at Uncommon Goods opens to reveal four different wedge-shaped sections, swivels like a lazy susan, stores a few cheese knives inside, and even folds back up compactly. You can use the full 17″ diameter round board for a larger spread, or just use what you need and keep it small. So coo! I also appreciate the lip on the sides of two of the wedges, for containing wayward almonds, grapes, and crumbly cheeses.

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Our favorite boards for charcuterie boards: This marble heart board at Williams Sonoma isn't just for Valentine's Day! Here are some ideas for using it.

6. A fun heart-shaped charcuterie board for special nights (wink wink)

I couldn’t resist including this fun heart-shaped charcuterie board from Williams-Sonoma, out just in time for Valentine’s Day. Lay it thick with fresh fruit, pancakes, Nutella, and other toppings for an indulgent breakfast board; put it out to serve a spread of heart-shaped snacks for a charcuterie board lunch; or of course, use it in the evening for either a cheese plate, or just some ripe strawberries (and more) dipped in chocolate. In fact, I’d use it all year long to serve birthday treats, a hot cocoa snack tray for the kids, or to kick off a romantic anniversary dinner for two.

Or hey, use it to make any old Wednesday to break up the monotony of the week. Couldn’t we all use some of that these days?

Top photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash