If you ask us at Cool Mom HQ, a fairy birthday party should be full of sprinkles, color, glitter, sugar and, most of all, enchanted fun. If there’s ever a time to go all out with your crafty kitchen skills, it’s for a fairy-themed affair, complete with woodland creatures, unicorns, and fairy wands, too, of course. And, yes, we mean that even if your crafty kitchen skills are on par with your cat’s.

These magical fairy birthday party recipes are a great mix of easy, make-ahead treats and more complicated recipes (with surprisingly easy-to-follow tutorials) so that there’s something that everyone can make. And, of course, there’s always the option of sending a few of these picks to your local bakery for them to make for you—just like magic. Ha!

Top: Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses at Handmade Charlotte | Hedgehog Donut Holes at Your Bella Festa | Fairy Cookie Wands at Ahora También Mamá

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This Pixie Dust Popcorn recipe at Hungry Food Love is a must for any fairy birthday party.

I have to start with this Pixie Dust Popcorn at Hungry Food Love since it has everything that we’re all looking for in a fairy party recipe: It’s easy, you can make it ahead of time, and it has lots and lots of sprinkles.


This sweet and easy Strawberry Mushrooms recipe at Party Ideas UK is perfect for your fairy birthday party.

These adorable Strawberry Toadstools at Party Ideas UK are so simple that you can assemble them at the very last minute without worrying about a Pinterest fail. If your fairy menu is already sugar-packed, you can switch out those marshmallows for bite-sized balls of fresh mozzarella cheese to get a lower-sugar twist with the same cute look.


Bring out all the bright colors for your fairy birthday party, like this Unicorn Tie Dye Smores recipe at Studio DIY

If these Rainbow Unicorn Tie Dye S’mores at Studio DIY amaze you as much as they do us, imagine how the birthday kid will feel! You’ll have to get started on these ahead of time since it’s the amazing tie-dye marshmallow recipe that gives them that bold color. Make those a few days ahead, then melt them with white chocolate at the party.

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If you haven't tried fairy bread yet, check out this easy recipe at Sugar and Cloth. No fairy birthday party is complete without it!

Australia’s Fairy Bread trend has hit the U.S. (or so we’re trying to help make happen) and this recipe at Sugar and Cloth gives nice options for twists on the traditional butter-and-sprinkles version. I love the flower cut-outs, but if you have a butterfly cookie cutter it could double perfectly as fairy wings.


These sugar cookie fairy wands at Ahora También Mamá are perfect favors for a fairy birthday party.

Who knew it would be so hard to find a great recipe for fairy wands? I looked high and low and these pretty, modern Fairy Wand Cookies at Ahora También Mamá are the only ones that we all loved. The blog is in Spanish, so you’ll need Google translate, but it’s worth it to see her adorable decorating ideas. And, ahem, this is one that the bakery might be able to help you with. Just saying.


Dip your veggies in...unicorn poop? This DIY Ranch Dressing Dip recipe at Totally the Bomb is a perfect way to add veggies to your fairy birthday party menu. Hilarious!

Ah, unicorn poop. It’s everywhere, because food trends. But, I have to say, though we’re not usually susceptible to such things, this Unicorn Poop Veggie Dip at Totally the Bomb—which is really just ranch dip—is pretty awesome and definitely hilarious. Since everyone knows that fairies and unicorns are friends, this recipe is, at very least, a perfect way to get some veggies on the party buffet.


Easy and (sort of) healthy, these Fairy Apple Wands at Seedling are awesome for a fairy birthday party.

These Fairy Apple Wands originally appeared on P.S. XO, a cool party idea blog that is now part of Seedling. The original post is gone, but we love this idea and think it would make a great DIY food craft at your party. Just set out apple slices with options to coat them in peanut butter, yogurt, or honey and colorful sprinkles, of course.

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Squee! These Hedgehog Donut Holes at Your Bella Festa are the perfect easy recipe for a fairy birthday party. Check out how to make them!

Oh my goodness, these Hedgehog Donut Holes at Bella Festa are killing me. So adorable and yummy, too! Bella doesn’t include any instructions, but we think it looks pretty straight forward: dip donut holes in melted chocolate and cover in chocolate sprinkles. Give it a test run before the party day and definitely click through for other totally amazing ideas for her fairy themed party.


So simple, these sprinkle-filled Chocolate Party Spoons at Studio DIY are a easy fairy birthday party recipe you can make ahead as a party treat or even goodie bag take away.

These pretty Chocolate Party Spoons at Studio DIY make a perfect party favor to send home if your guest list is mostly very young kids. It’s just the right amount of sweet, sprinkled with “fairy dust,” plus a cool, colorful kid-safe spoon they can keep as a reminder of the fun. Easy!


These Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses at Handmade Charlotte look incredible, but their step-by-step tutorial makes them actually do-able too. If you have the patience for such things, no fairy birthday party is complete without them!

OK, whoa. These Wafer Cookie Fairy House Cupcakes are downright amazing. And as incredible as they look, the clear, step-by-step instructions at Handmade Charlotte make these actually do-able. Well, if you’re a detail-oriented person (let’s be honest, here). Use these to top individual cupcakes or make a few to decorate the top of a birthday cake. Then be sure to Instagram it, because you’ll deserve those pats on the back, big time.

If you make any of these or other fabulous party treats for a fairy birthday party, show off—we want to see! Tag @CoolMomEats and add the #CoolMomEats hashtag, too, to make sure that we don’t miss it. Hey, we may even repost it since we think everyone should be impressed with you. You’re pretty amazing, after all.