Some of us aren’t looking forward to a fancy (read: expensive) dinner out for Valentine’s Day. Personally, I’m looking forward to a nice, low-key, romantic Valentine’s dinner at home this year.

If that’s more your speed too this year, check out these delicious, romantic recipes for Valentine’s Day — or any date night in, really.

These are definitely not your everyday dinner recipes (no tacos or meatloaf here), and from cocktails right through dessert, they’re sure to make the night special. Just pair with your favorite music, some candlelight (unscented of course) and a bottle of wine. Perfect.

At top: Cheese and charcuterie board at Chef Sous Chef 

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Romantic recipes for Valentine's Day dinner in: Brandy Manhattans at Recipe Fiction

Cocktails before dinner at home feels very mid-century to me, but it’s a fun indulgence for Valentine’s Day. For a rich, sultry drink that will satisfy, try this recipe for Brandy Manhattan Cocktails at Recipe Fiction. Be sure to read through the post to get all of Melinda’s recommendations for the liquor brands she chooses to make her drink just right.

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Romantic recipes for Valentine's Day dinner in: Heart-shaped ravioli at Pina Bresciani

The pretty, Heart-Shaped Thyme and Ricotta Ravioli recipe at Pina Bresciani looks so delicious, yet not too heavy for a romantic evening at home. We’d prep the homemade ravioli earlier in the day, then share a glass of Prosecco while they boil. Serve with a salad or even a small steak or piece of fish on the side if you want to go all out.

Romantic recipes for Valentine's Day dinner in: Perfect Filet Mignon at Evolving Table

If steak is the way to your partner’s heart (or yours, for that matter) brush up on your skills with this tutorial on how to cook the perfect filet mignon at Evolving Table. Serve it with an indulgent creamed spinach courtesy this fab recipe from The Cozy Cook. Just add a baked potato and you’ve got a Valentine’s night dinner menu to rival any steakhouse.

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Romantic recipes for Valentine's Day dinner in: Garlic & Basil seared scallops at Inspired Taste

The goddess Aphrodite was carried to earth in a scallop shell, and ever since Greek times, scallops have been celebrated for their aphrodisiac qualities. Who are we to argue with Greek mythology, right? So we say, get busy searing up these Garlic Basil Seared Scallops at Inspired Taste, which take just 10 minutes to cook. Which leaves more time for…whatever. Then serve your scallops over a perfect, easy, pressure-cooker risotto for a romantic, indulgent meal.

Romantic recipes for Valentine's Day dinner in: Charcuterie & Cheese board at Chef Sous Chef

If you’d rather not cook, I’m all for a grazing sort of a meal. I think this cheese and charcuterie board at Chef Sous Chef is a great alternative to a heavy dinner. Have this spread ready to snack on once the kids are asleep, turn on one of these romantic movies streaming right now, pour some wine and…do your thing.

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Romantic recipes for Valentine's Day dinner in: Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes at Baking a Moment

We’ve covered all kinds of Valentine’s dessert recipes through the years, but in my opinion, serving individual Chocolate Lava Cakes are about as romantic as dessert can get. This recipe at Baking a Moment takes just 30 minutes, which means you won’t be slaving away all night in the kitchen to get it right. Oof…that is some romantic Valentine’s Day recipe right there.