Okay, so everyone’s been talking about the now famous pickle bouquet this year. But if you’re looking for a more creative alternative to chocolate or cookies for Valentine’s Day, I have a few treat ideas that are less — dill, shall we say?

Not that I’d ever say no to a box of good chocolate. And we’ve recommended plenty over the years. But to change things up a bit, I’ve put together some of the more creative, mouth-watering, wonderfully sweet (in all senses of the word) Valentine’s treats that we’ve uncovered this year.

All of which go perfect with Netflix and the proverbial “chill.”

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Sweet Valentine's treats besides chocolate: Ice cream assortments from ecreamery | coolmomeats.com

eCreamery Valentine Ice Cream 4-Pint Collection  ($49.99, on sale)

We’re long-time lovers of the fabulous customizable ice cream flavors from eCreamery, and they’ve curated several delicious assortments just for Valentine’s Day gifting. My favorite: these “My Funny Valentine” ice creams featuring flavors like Love At First Bite and  I Like Big Scoops (I Cannot Lie).


Sweet Valentine's treats besides chocolate: Valentine's Day Ice cream collection from Jeni's | coolmomeats.com

Jeni’s Valentine Collection of Ice Cream ($58)

This collection of pints from one of our favorite scoop shops is worth every single penny. Especially that Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks…which counts as chocolate but not, you know, chocolates.

Plus, you can get 2 free pints with purchase of any 4 or 8 pints using code LOVE19 through Feb 10


Sweet Valentine's treats besides chocolate: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies from Cape Whoopie | coolmomeats.com

Cape Whoopies Valentine’s Whoopie Pie Assortment ($49)

This popular Maine bakery has put together a fabulous assortment of Valentine’s whoopie pies with flavors like Hanky Panky (chocolate with raspberry cream), Spicy Hot Chocolate (chocolate with hazelnut cayenne cream), Cool Rum Crush (red velvet with coconut rum cream) and interestingly, Bromance, which is a chocolate chip cake with vanilla cream filling. Guess I’m on #TeamBromance because that one sounds great to me.


Ladurée Heart-Shaped Macarons Valentines Gift Box ($41)

One step up from cookies; macarons. And one huge step up from regular macarons are the original ones from French bakery Ladurée. They have a few Valentine’s assortments but this one hides one heart-shaped rose macaron and and one heart-shaped lychee macaron among the classic round versions.

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     Valentine's Day donuts from Krispy Kreme in the shape of conversation hearts, and more sweet Valentine's treats besides chocolate

Krispy Kreme Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Donuts (Price in store)

As their head of marketing said, “finding the right word can be like, I don’t know….hard. But eating a doughnut is easy.” I’ll agree with that. Flavors available in store include cake batter, mint kreme, and raspberry-filled. PS you can get a free dozen of these on Feb 6 if you’re a reward member, with any purchase.


Valentine's Day rose shaped Doughflower donuts from Doughnut Plant: Sweet Valentine's treats besides chocolate | photo @katiealice for @doughnutplant on Instagram
Photo: @DoughnutPlant on Instagram via @katherineAlice

Doughnut Plant Roseflower Valentine’s Donut Pack (no longer available) ($59/4 pack)

If you have not yet indulged in New York’s own outrageously fresh, creative, and addicting Doughnut Plant donuts, this is a good place to start. These massive Doughflower confections happen to be shaped like roses — in a kind of Georgia O’Keefe sort of way — then covered in a rose water glaze with crushed, edible rose petals. There will be plenty leftover for breakfast. Breakfast for 10-12, that is.


Baked by Melissa Valentine's Day mini cupcake assortments include nut-free and gluten-free boxes | Cool Mom Eats

Baked by Melissa Mini Valentine’s Cupcakes  ($28 and up)

One of my favorite small-time-baker-made-it-big stories is Baked by Melissa, and her wonderful mini cupcakes are available in tons of different Valentine’s themed assortments, including nut-free and gluten-free cupcakes, which I know a lot of people will really appreciate. The limited-edition Valentine’s flavors shown here include beautifully decorated and handcrafted dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla cream, and red velvet — made with real strawberries.

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Deep dish heart-shaped made-to-order pies delivered from Cutie Pies NYC for Valentine's Day

Deep Dish Heart-Shaped Pies from Cutie Pies NYC ($75)

Each made-to-order pie from this NYC bakery is gorgeously crafted just the way you want it. Choose from 8 fillings including apple-cinnamon, maple bourbon pecan, or your choice of berry blends. You can even specify the kind of crust your sweetheart loves best  — either butter-flake or chocolate cookie, with a lattice top if you’d like, and even get it personalized. Oof.

Cutie Pies also offers dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo and sugar-free variations of a lot of their flavors, so keep this one bookmarked.

Romantic designer heart crust pies for Valentine's Day from Cutie Pies NYC

Romantic Designer Heart-Crusted Pie from Cutie Pies NYC ($45)

An equally impressive, but more affordable option from the same shop is this gorgeous “designer” pie. It’s adorned with hearts, flowers, or ornamental damask scrollwork, and you get plenty of delicious fillings to choose from.


Rose gold Valentine's marshmallows from XO Marshmallows are a fun alternative to chocolate | coolmomeats.com

Rosé Rose Gold Marshmallows from XO Marshmallows ($15.95)

These fancy marshmallows are flavored with rosé then dusted with edible rose gold glitter, and come 12 to a box. (A dozen rosés for Valentine’s Day I guess, ha.) While these have a lot of the fun and flair you want for a Valentine’s Day treat, there are plenty of other options in the shop including boozy flavors, raspberry and cream marshmallows, and treats like chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops and a luxury s’mores gift set.


MilkBar Valentine’s Day Birthday Cake Truffles ($27)

If you have yet to try their MilkBar’s super famous, completely indulgent, 100% irresistible birthday cake truffles — are you in for a delicious surprise. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day treat alternative to chocolate, because, it’s truffles — but nothing like any kind of truffles you’ve ever had before. More like a cross between a gourmet Funfetti vanilla birthday cake cookie dough. Only, not. Just try them, trust me.