For ages, we’ve talked about the joys of serving breakfast for dinner for our kids. But dessert for breakfast? I’m all in for that. Especially when it’s the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for Breakfast collection (no longer available, many other collection choices available), which happens to be doing more than just giving us another excuse to eat arguably the country’s best ice cream.

In honor of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (which is an actual real life thing), the folks at Jeni’s put together this spectacular flavor assortment, with 100% of the profits of the 6-pint pack — or any in-person order at a Jeni’s Scoop Shop on February 2 — will go right to She Should Run.


She Should Run supports women at all levels of government, and now Jeni's Ice Cream is donating profits to support them

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I love this nonpartisan org so much and have supported them myself over the past year. (Though not through ice cream, I admit.)

They offer meaningful training, community, and support to women nationwide, with the mission of getting 250,000 women running for elected office at all levels of government by 2030. They’ve also been wildly effective, with 130 of their own incubator members on various ballots this past November.

Democrat and Republican. Because Republicans? You need some work in the elected women department!


Jenni's Splendid Ice Cream for Breakfast collectin: 100% of profits supporting an incredible cause

This is one of my favorite kinds of stories to discover and share: A successful woman-run company supporting other women because they understand that representation matters in business, and it matters in government, too.

Just think:

Devouring a scoop of Brambleberry Crisp? You may have just helped a candidate in the local Boise government.

Indulging in a little Brown Butter and Almond Brittle? Perhaps that will help send another woman to the Lousiana State Legislature, which only has 21 women right now out of 144 positions.

Eating a pint of Gooey Butter Cake in bed with a spoon? Congrats, you may have just supported a 20-year-old woman who’s running for local office for the first time, and will end up becoming your US Senator in 15 years.

Check out the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for Breakfast collection on their website to order for delivery anywhere in the US, or visit one of the Jeni’s Scoop Shop locations on February 2 and 100% of your purchase will support She Should Run. Thank you for being awesome as always, Jeni’s!