One of the amazing things about having a big family and a lot of friends is having a lot of people to love. But it also means having a lot of holiday gifts to send. As our clans get bigger and bigger, it gets a bit more challenging and costly to send individual presents to every single person on the list. I love the idea of sending family food gifts to my siblings and their offspring that contain a little something for everyone. And IMO, sending food is just about as close as you can get to packaging and sending love.

From sweets to fresh fruit to savory snacks, hopefully you find the perfect fabulous food gifts for families in your life. As with most food gifting, you will want to pay attention to the delivery dates and be sure to order early! Like as in today early.

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– This post has been updated for 2022 –

Top Image: Bokksu, Jeni’s Sundae Funday Kit and Vegan Snack Box at Mouth

Food Gifts for Families: Artisan ice cream

Cool Mom Eats Fabulous Food Gifts for Families 2021: Ice Cream

Ice cream is such a happy surprise any time of year, but during the holidays it is just so much sweeter. Over here at Cool Mom Eats, we often debate which ice cream delivery is our favorite, so I’m sharing our top three!

1. Salt & Straw

One of my personal ice cream favorites is Salt & Straw, who have flavor combinations from Parker House Rolls with Salted Buttercream to Vegan Boysenberry Oatmilk Sorbet. You can order gifts like the Best Sellers Pints Pack or a 12 pack of Saltie Singles to be delivered by GrubHub, if your recipients are lucky enough to live close by a brick and mortar location. And don’t forget the bowls! Order these fabulous ice cream bowls from Anthropologie in a variety of colors, and have them delivered to arrive around the same time as the ice cream.

2. Jeni’s

Recently, Liz sent me a surprise box of Jeni’s after an especially difficult week. I was totally blown away by the four pints that were in there because it was as if they were chosen just for me – which they were. You can pick and choose flavors like “Mexican Chocolate” and “Sugar Plum,” or put together a Sundae Funday Kit. There are even dairy-free options like “Lemon Bar”.

3. eCreamery

Another staff favorite is eCreamery. How great is this “Santa’s Sweet Treat Collection?” It contains four holiday-inspired ice cream flavors like White Chocolate Peppermint and Butter Brickle, along with a dozen gourmet cookies! Ice cream and cookies may be the start of a new holiday tradition or perfect addition to your already established holiday traditions.

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Food Gifts for Families: Fresh fruit

Cool Mom Eats Fabulous Food Gifts for Families: Fruit

1. Oranges

Some people say that gifting oranges exemplifies the season of giving, as the orange segments are easy to share with one another. I love this sentiment, and think a beautiful box of bright oranges makes a lovely holiday gift for any family (especially if you have to be considerate of allergies!). If you order early (as in now) this box of 24 navel oranges from Pittman and Davis will arrive by Christmas, with free shipping.

2. Pears, apples and more

Harry and David is known for delivering top-notch fruit for the holidays. My family loves to receive pears, especially when they are varieties we may not be able to get in our local market, like the ones in this Colors of Christmas Pears Box. Or send a little something for everyone with this Triple Treat Deluxe Fruit gift that contains apples, oranges and pears.

3. Tropical fruit

For more adventurous families who are craving a bit of the tropics right about now, consider this Taste the Tropics Fruit Box from Tropical Fruit Box. It is loaded with ripe seasonal tropical fruit like papaya and dragon fruit. Or you could just send a PinkGlow Pink Pineapple to brighten up their Christmas morning brunch table.

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Food Gifts for Families: Gourmet snacks

Cool Mom Eats Fabulous Food Gifts for Families: All of the Snacks

1. Snack boxes

Mouth consistently puts together unique gift boxes that are thoughtfully crafted and filled with super cool products. This Vegan Snack Box is filled with goodies that will dispel the myth that vegan snacks are not as delicious as non-vegan snacks. You can curate your own gift box at Mouth, or pick one that they have designed. I mean, you can never go wrong with a box that is simple called “All of the Snacks.”

2. Popcorn

We are constantly in awe at how talented Chrissy Teigen is, and are doubly impressed with this Poppin’ Off Popcorn Seasoning Kit that includes flavors like Birthday Cake and Salt & Vinegar. You could send this seasoning kit along with the Orville Redenbacher’s Hot Air Popper. Add in a digital subscription to Hulu or HBOMax and you basically just gifted them the best family movie night.

3. Cookies

How ridiculously cute are these Loaded Cookie Fries from The Cookie Joint that you can order through GoldBelly? Little cookie french fries with all of the sauces, sprinkles and little serving boats. This gift just leveled up the idea of a cookie exchange.

4. Something for everyone

Someone sent my husband a CraveBox a couple of months ago, and my kids went absolutely bonkers for it. Since then, it has been my go-to gift for my nieces and nephews all throughout the year. I love that they have a little something for everyone, and nut-free and gluten- free snacks choices as well.

5. International snacks

For families who have a love for international flavors, please send them this gift box from Bokksu. It’s full of authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old family makers. Not only do you help support family-run businesses in Japan, but you share the experience of another culture.

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Food Gifts for Families: Meal time

Cool Mom Eats Fabulous Food Gifts for Families: Gift a Meal

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1. Holiday breakfast

A Cozy Morning Breakfast Tray Deluxe from Tate’s Kitchen is a lovely gift that will bring a little extra magic to any holiday morning, or maybe even a breakfast for dinner after a busy day of running around.

2. Cheese, cheese and more cheese

My family would be over the moon happy to receive this Cheeses of the World from Murray’s Cheese. If you really want to send the ultimate comfort food to the people you love the most, you can gift Murray’s famous Classic Mac and Cheese that ships frozen and comes totally ready to just pop right into the oven.

3. Send some comfort food

If you can’t share a meal with your faraway family and friends this year, you can send them a meal and set up a Zoom session to join in while they partake. Spoonful of Comfort has captured the gift of a warm hug in this Classic Holiday Soup Package that will feed 4-6 people.

4. Gift cards

Of course, if you aren’t really sure what type of food to send that will please everyone, you can always send a gift card to their local grocery store so they can order any meal or fixings they prefer.

5. Give back

And finally, the most generous gift of all is to donate in a loved ones name to those who may need a help with food security. World Central Kitchen, Action Against Hunger, and Move For Hunger are a few of our favorite organizations, but you can also look for local food banks that need help.