The space under my kitchen sink has always been so incredibly messy and cluttered. It just seemed like a large catch-all space for miscellaneous cleaning supplies, dish soap, garbage bags, and whatever else got shoved under there. It’s an odd space because you have to work around a garbage disposal, and in some cases like mine, there is an instant hot dispenser tank, and at least one large drain pipe.

So I decided that it was time to organize the space under my kitchen sink into something less cluttered and more useful. What I found is that I really only needed these 4 simple products from Amazon to make a huge difference in managing the space under the sink.

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Undersink Kitchen Organizing with four simple products

1. Undersink liner

When I pulled every single thing out from under my kitchen sink, I found that a half-empty dish soap had been left open and spilled into the very back of the cabinet. This was such a mess to clean up. So the first thing I got was an under sink liner. This one, in particular, is waterproof and nonadhesive, so if something does spill you can just pull it out and wash it off in the sink or even in the backyard with a hose. You can also grab this non-adhesive shelf liner that you can cut to fit the space you have.

2. An adjustable lazy susan turntable

A lazy susan turntable is anything but lazy. This handy device is a hard-working space saver. I ordered this 2-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable and Height Adjustable Cabinet Organizer on Amazon because the height was adjustable, so it’s perfect for storing random cleaning products. I also liked the removable divided bins on the bottom that I could easily fill with my reusable paper towels and small cleaning items. It is brilliant because it rotates, so you can actually see the window cleaner behind the sink cleanser.

3. Under sink cabinet organizer with sliding storage drawer

This under sink cabinet organizer with sliding storage drawers fits perfectly between my garbage disposal and the faucet hoses. Again, it is a huge space saver because you can neatly store all of those things such as garbage bags, soap refills, extra sponges, and scrubbers that were just piled up on top of each other.

4. Command hooks

Command hooks are probably the best invention in the last 30 years (second only to robot vacuums). Command hooks hung on the inside of the cabinet doors allow you to hang cleaning rags, or in my case the stainless steel cleaning mitts. Not only does this keep them up off the bottom of the cupboard, but it allows them to dry in between use.

Just look how amazing my under sink situation looks (sorry there are no before pictures because I have some vanity):

Undersink Kitchen Organizing with four simple products

So now you may wonder what are all of those amazing products you have in those super handy storage containers? Well, here are my very favorite under the kitchen sink products that make my life so much easier.

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Undersink Kitchen Organizing must haves

5. Sponges and scrubbers

These Practical Matter organic cotton fiber sponges are non-abrasive and gentle on all of your surfaces, but really get the job done. I also really love the Scrub Mommy sponges because they are two-sided and temperature-controlled. In cold water, the scrubber side works extra hard, but as you warm up the water it works a little more gently. I like to think it’s a sponge after my own heart.

6. simplehuman Microfiber Cleaning Mitt for Stainless Steel

I discovered this simplehuman Microfiber Cleaning Mitt for Stainless Steel several years ago and it is one of my very favorite things. If you have kids and stainless steel you understand the constant struggle. This stainless steel mitt allows you to quickly clean all of the stainless surfaces with just a little bit of water and no chemicals. It’s super fast, easy and highly satisfying.

7. Dish soap and hand soap refills

In an effort to reduce our single-use plastic around here, I replaced all of our soap dispensers with refillable ones and fill them up as they empty. I love Mrs. Meyers products because they are biodegradable and cruelty-free, and the scents are always flawless. I also love Fruits & Passion Cucina and the Sea Salt & Amalfi Lemon Tree scented dish soap and hand soap. Fruits & Passion Cucina products are also phosphate-free, free from animal products, sourced from olive ingredients, and packaged in recyclable bottles.

8. Reusable paper towels

For the most part, we have mostly switched to eco-friendly paper towel alternatives in our household, although I still keep a roll of “regular” paper towels under the sink for those oil spills and situations that require a disposable situation. Marley’s Monsters has a fantastic selection of colors and patterns like the retro lemons I have under my sink.

And finally, I just have to share this super cute dish soap and hand soap dispenser I found at shopEverthineDesigns on Etsy. Even though they are not actually located under my sink, these little dispensers look so cute sitting right at my sink that it makes me happy all of the many hours I stand there cleaning up after everyone.

Glass Soap dispensers from shopEverthineDesigns