There’s always that compromise you have to make between convenience foods and healthy foods when it comes to kids’ snacks, and I get it. I definitely admit to leaning more towards convenience when we’re on the road and occasionally when packing school lunches, which is why I was cheering (seriously, I cheered) when I had the opportunity to try Justin’s new snack packs. These bundles combine gluten-free pretzels with Justin’s organic nut butters in one handy, hand-it-to-your-kid-over-your-shoulder-in-the-back-seat pack.

I became a Justin’s maple almond butter devotee when I first discovered it at the International Fancy Food show many years ago, and still buy it for myself. (It’s a little pricy for me to hand it to the kids who don’t appreciate it the way I do.) You can find that truly addictive flavor in their new snack packs, along with classic almond butter and Justin’s fantastic version of Nutella, which is an organic, natural chocolate-hazelnut blend.

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Justin's Snack Packs: All natural nut butters + gluten-free pretzels.

Admittedly, the packs are not cheap at $1.99 each because you’re paying for convenience and high quality organic nut butters. Though I do feel a little better knowing that the plastic is made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and can be recycled.

A big caveat though: Know that if your kids are used to traditional Nutella or creamy PB, this isn’t it. It’s thick because it’s real almond butter; you can easily break your pretzels when dipping them because… thick, real almond butter. In fact, I think they should consider fatter pretzels at some point, but that’s a small complaint. Still, you definitely want to keep this at room temperature or even a little meltier. You’ll lick the package clean with your fingers either way.

Learn more about Justin’s new snack packs and their other natural nut butters at the Justin’s site, and purchase them exclusively at Target or where “Item can be gift wrapped.” CME is an rstyle affiliate.