I’m breaking with tradition. This column is usually one cocktail and one mocktail recipe, because we like sharing with our kids and grown up friends who don’t drink. That, and I turn into a pumpkin after 1 or 2 cocktails. But given that we celebrated National Coffee Day this week, I’ve rounded up coffee cocktail recipes packed with booze and caffeine and all kinds of things that many of you avoid and certainly keep from serving the kids. If you don’t, though, and you’re willing to buzz and booze it up every once and a while, this post is for you. Cheers.

(By the way, if you like the taste of coffee, which even my 8-year-old does, most of these drinks can be made with decafe and without booze, so I’m not really leaving anyone out. I was just trying to feel tough… for once.)

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Cardamom is among my favorite spices which is why I’m drawn to the Cardamom and Vanilla Coffee Cocktail (above) at Offbeat and Inspired. Made with cardamom coffee concentrate (yum!), the recipe for which is included, vodka and a splash of a surprise ingredient, this cocktail has all the appeal of chai, but with caffeine and booze both. So, you know, that makes it even better, at least at 5 o’clock.


Coffee cocktail recipes: Iced Coffee Rum Kicker | Lynsey Loves Food

This Iced Coffee Rum Kicker at Lynsey Loves Food reminds me of being on vacation in Puerto Rico, a feeling I could really use right now. Strong coffee, dark rum, and a cinnamony punch sound like the perfect way to spend a raucous game night with friends, even if it’s not playing dominoes on the beach as the sun sets.


This Dark Moon coffee cocktail is made with rum and a crazy surprise ingredient | Dear Coffee I Love You

I recently tried a Kalimotxo, a bizarrely delicious blend of red wine and Coke, and was super into it, so now I’m drawn to this Dark Moon cocktail at Dear Coffee I Love You. If Coke can pair with red wine in delicious alchemy, why not with cold brew and rum? I might need to find out.

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This coffee cocktail has tropical flavor thanks to delicious coconut cream and citrusy vanilla flavored Licor 42 | The Little Epicurean

Given that I love coconut added to anything, I have a feeling I’ll love this Licor 43 Coconut Coffee Cocktail at The Little Epicurean. In addition to rum, this cocktail calls for Licor 43, a Spanish, citrusy vanilla liqueur. I’ve never tried it, but am curious to pick up a bottle. If you can’t find it or don’t want to splurge (I hear it’s a little pricey), I’ve read that a combination of triple sec and vanilla vodka works well. Instead of throwing in another booze, though, maybe triple sec and spiced rum instead of plain?


Why choose between amaro and coffee to end your meal when you can have both! Siciliano coffee cocktail | Bon Appetit

If you haven’t ended a meal with a few sips of the Italian digetif amaro, you should give it a try. It’s fancy, but such a treat. Even better, you can combine it with your after dinner coffee in this lovely Siciliano cocktail at Bon Appetit. This makes for a very civilized way to booze and energize at the end of a big, festive meal. And we’re oh so very civilized.


The classic coffee cocktail, Irish Coffee, made with coffee ice cubes. Genius. | SheKnows

Of course, there’s no way to talk about coffee and booze without sharing a recipe for Irish coffee. It’s pretty simple business and you can find tons of variations online, but I like this one from SheKnows because they use coffee ice cubes. An added dose of coffee? Yes, please.