Today is National Coffee Day and we think that’s reason to celebrate. But you know us: any excuse for more coffee is a good excuse. If you feel the same, check out these 15 fun ways to get your coffee on today, from cold brew that you can grab and go when you’re running late in the morning to coffee ice cream treats that you can enjoy at the end of a long day. And, of course, plenty of coffee flavor for the hours in between, too.

Cold Brew

High Brew Coffee's fair-trade Mexican Vanilla coffee-in-a-can is delicious and easy for busy mornings.I like to keep cold brew on hand for easy coffee on-the-go on busy mornings when there isn’t time to brew a fresh cup. At the moment, my fridge is stocked with fair-trade High Brew Coffee and we’re fighting over the Mexican Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Mocha flavors. At just 20-80 calories each, these save me the hour I’d have to spend on the treadmill to work off the coffee-shop equivalent.

For another option: Our editor Kristen is loving the huge jugs of Starbucks iced coffee she’s finding at the grocery store these days for about the same price of a latte at their shops.

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Coffee Ice Cubes

Latte ice cubes to celebrate National Coffee Day | Imma Eat That.These Latte Ice Cubes at immaEATthat are brilliant for chilling your coffee without watering it down or, even better, for making tasty frappucinos at a fraction of the coffee shop cost. Just blend the coffee-and-milk ice cubes with some more milk and sugar—Bailey’s, too, if you’re making these at the end of the night—and you’re good to go.

Coffee Milkshakes

Coffee milkshake shots. Yum. | Natalie ParamoreWhy not take your frappuccino one-step further and go for a full-on coffee milkshake after dinner. These Salted Coffee and Kahlua Milkshakes at Natalie Paramore look delicious and I love the idea of serving them as shots. Because sometimes a full-sized milkshake is just too much. Then again, sometimes it’s not.

Instant Coffee

Egoiste Café Noir: instant coffee that actually tastes good, despite the cheesy package

I know that instant coffee sounds disgusting, but there are actually some delicious ones on the market. The one on my counter right now is Egoiste’s Café Noir. It looks a little bit like a cheap bottle of men’s cologne, but the smell is amazing (unlike the cheap cologne – heh) and the taste is really, really great. We’ve been microwaving our water to get it hot but not boiling, which helps yield a flavorful cup that isn’t bitter. Seriously, try it.

Starbucks’s New Fall Flavor

Toasted Graham Latte from Starbucks: a drink worth trying on National Coffee DayStarbucks’s has just released their first new fall drink in four years: the Toasted Graham Latte. Our editor Stacie says it is worth a try, with the warm fall flavors of cinnamon, graham crackers, and sweet cream. It’s less sugary than their iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, but at 300 calories and 40 grams of sugar, it’s definitely still a splurge.

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Espresso and Ice Cream

Affogato al Cafe, or espresso and gelato. Simple and perfect. | Ciao Chow Bambina

Espresso and ice cream are paired together to make an affogato, a delicious Italian dessert that couldn’t be easier to make or more delicious to eat. The Affogato al Cafe at Ciao Chow Bambina is nothing more than great espresso poured over top-notch gelato and oh my goodness do I want a bite. If you do, too, book market this recipe for your next dinner party or, you know, tonight.

A New Coffee Mug

Get a new mug to celebrate National Coffee Day. These are a few of our favorites. | Cool Mom Eats
Get your morning routine off to a good start with a lovely new mug. It might just be the thing you need to start making coffee at home instead of buying it while out. A few of our favorites are (1) this hilarious For Fox Sake mug by CoralBel, (2) the insulated Kleen Kanteen that will keep your coffee extra-hot all day long, (3) the always witty coffee mugs from Emily McDowell, and (4) a new favorite: the reusable glass coffee cups from Joco, which have caused quite a stir on our Facebook page.

Coffee Marinade

Coffee marinated bacon recipe at Indigo Scones. Yes, coffee-marinated bacon. I have to admit, before I read Indigo Scones’s blog, it never occurred to me to marinate my bacon. But whoa, this coffee-marinated bacon looks delicious. So good that I might not limit this tasty marinade to bacon only: I think it would make pork chops and steaks delicious, too.

A Coffee Print For Your Kitchen

Espresso Patronum art print for coffee lovers by Noodlehug

We’ve rounded up some great affordable kitchen art prints including posters that celebrate our love of coffee, but this Espresso Patronum poster by Noodlehug rises above the rest for me. It’s just awesome and, at $18, worth treating yourself.

Syrup to Flavor Your Coffee

Poor Man's Kitchen's pumpkin spice syrup makes your Pumpkin Spice Latte routine cheaper and easier.Another affordable way to make your own gourmet coffees at home is to invest in some quality syrups that will give you that coffee shop taste. Poor Man’s Kitchen’s pumpkin spice syrup at Dean and Deluca isn’t cheap at $22 a bottle, but when you add up how many pumpkin spice lattes you’ll make with this 18 oz bottle, it works out.

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Coffeelicious Snack Pack

The Coffeelicious taster back from Mouth: a coffee-packed treat for National Coffee Day

Go for a full-spectrum of coffee flavor and treat yourself to the coffeelicious taster pack at, one of our favorite purveyors of indie food and drink. It includes coffee caramel corn, coffee granola, espresso shortbread, and more. If you’re craving coffee, this should cover you. And then some.

Coffee CocktailsCorretto coffee liqueur: The perfect after-dinner drink.

If you can’t decide between a cup of coffee and an after-dinner cocktail, have both. This Corretto Coffee Liquer has just enough espresso to keep you awake so the conversation can keep going. They say that the notes of molasses and vanilla would pair well with a brownie and caramel sundae. We say, yes.

Coffee Ice Cream

Phin & Phebes Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. Delicious.We’re huge suckers for small-batch ice cream brands that use excellent ingredients to make creative flavors. Phin & Phebes is one of the best and you most definitely should try their Vietnamese Iced Coffee flavor for National Coffee Day. Just be warned: it’s pricey and you’ll be hooked.

A Coffee Subscription

Keep National Coffee Day going with a year-long coffee subscription from Mistobox.Don’t let National Coffee Day end today. Sign up for a gourmet coffee subscription like Mistobox, so it can last you all year long.