The same way products like Lifefactory glass baby bottlesdrinking glasses and water bottles have replaced plastic for a lot of folks, a cool company called JOCO cups is now doing the same with reusable coffee cups.  And it’s pretty brilliant.

I will admit I am one of those people who’s a little wary of drinking hot beverages out of plastic, after reading all the research about plastic breaking down with heat. (It’s also why I don’t microwave food in plastic containers, even if they’re labeled “microwave-safe.”) So I love the idea of having a JOCO cup for those days I am walking to after-school pick-up, and don’t want to leave my freshly brewed cup of afternoon java or hot tea behind.

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The colorful reusable glass coffee cups are available from our affiliate Amazon in barista-friendly 12 oz, or 16 oz sizes, or you short drip drinkers can find the smaller 8 oz reusable glass coffee cup on their website. (Sorry Venti fans.) Lest you’re concerned, the high quality non-porous glass is fitted with a heat-resistant silicone sleeve, plus a matching sip-top lid. You can also order additional accessories if you want color alternatives, or you want to mix and match.

Just know that [correction] the smallest size doesn’t seem to be suited to car cup holders, which could be a drawback if you tend to take your to-go orders for the SUV. But I hear from happy JOCO users that the 12 and 16 oz sizes are just fine.


JOCO cup reusable glass coffee cups are beautiful, eco-friendly and a great way to drink java to go

JOCO cup makes beautiful reusable glass coffee cups with silicone sleeves and sip top lids

First time I had mine out and about, a friend looked it and said, “oh! A sippy cup for grownups!” And I thought, sure! Why not?

In fact, that lid is so handy, I’m ordering a few more to have around the house, even if I’m just planting myself in the home office. One less opportunity to spill my coffee on something important is good by me.


Visit the JOCO cups website or order their reusable glass coffee cups and accessories from our affiliate Amazon with free Prime shipping. Thanks to the company for sending CME one for review.