It’s November: Officially time to ditch the iced coffee (boo!) and switch to hot cereal (yay!). I love making the move to warm cereal because my kids love how cozy it is and it can be made way healthier than their favorite cold cereals. Grains like oats, barley, and even quinoa (not technically a grain, but eh, who’s keeping track) make their way into these deliciously healthy hot cereal recipes, helping you start your family’s day on the right nutritional foot.

Plus, they serve as an easy foundation for pilin on maple syrup (okay, so not so healthy), chia seeds, nuts, fruit or whatever other tasty toppings you can think of—whatever will help the kids happily gobble down some new breakfast foods. Check out these creative ideas from some very creative cooks.

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Key ingredients to make the Seriously Super Cereal mix at My New Roots

The Seriously Super Cereal (above & top) at My New Roots is, well, seriously super. Sarah put a lot of thought into how she created this hot cereal blend and carefully packed it with grains and seeds that can power your day. She also made sure that it’s gluten-free and could be stored out of the refrigerator. Most importantly: She made sure this blend of goodness didn’t cook up mushy or gluey the way so many multi-grain cereals can.


Start your day with a warm bowl of goodness: Millet Porridge with Lemon Curd and Sunflower Seeds | Naturally Ella

Since we started with some less familiar grains, lets keep working on getting acquainted. Millet is a nutritious grain that has a mild flavor some say is reminiscent of corn. I find that millet easily takes on other flavors, which is especially great for a breakfast cereal like this Millet Porridge with Lemon Curd and Sunflower Seeds at Naturally Ella. The recipe says to cook the millet in water with vanilla extract and maple syrup, which lends a slightly sweet flavor to match the tangy lemon curd.


Creamy Coconut Porridge is a super healthy hot cereal recipe to start those winter days right | Vanilla and Bean

Kasha, roasted buckwheat kernels, may be another new-to-you grain. If so, don’t worry about having to go out of your way to try some: Bob’s Red Mill, which is pretty widely available, even in conventional markets, and also online (like at our affiliate Amazon) makes some. Grab a bag—that is, if you don’t mind spending over $10 on ancient grains—and make this outrageous looking Creamy Coconut Porridge at Vanilla and Bean. A little goes a long way with this stuff and, well, maybe it’s worth spending a little extra on cereal that will fill us up with more than extruded corn and sugar? I’ll leave that up to you, but the recipe is swaying me, for sure.


Done right, quinoa makes a perfect hot cereal to start your day with a health boost | Martha Stewart

I bet you’re on top of quinoa. Whether you love or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s a nutritional powerhouse and, honestly, a perfect, protein-packed way to start the day. Since quinoa can easily go wrong, I turned to a trusted source for this Quinoa Cereal: Martha Stewart. This hot breakfast cereal is simple, quick, and easy to personalize with your favorite toppings and flavors.

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Forget dessert, serve this Breakfast Rice Pudding to start the day (plus, it uses leftovers!) | Dessert For Two

I admit that rice doesn’t offer nearly the health benefits as the other grains featured here, but this Breakfast Rice Pudding at Dessert for Two is too tasty not to share. Plus, the recipe calls for brown rice, which has more to offer nutritionally. Even better, it calls for already cooked, cold brown rice. As in, this is the perfect breakfast for using leftovers!


Swirl your oats with strawberry jam, chia seeds and coconut whipped cream to kick your day off with a bang | Cookie + Kate

We can’t talk hot cereal recipes without talking oatmeal, so let’s get to it with this Toasted Oatmeal with Strawberry Chia Jam and Coconut Whipped Cream at Cookie + Kate, because yum. I admit it: I’ve made chia jam before and it’s amazingly easy (as in, no cooking required). If you don’t feel like heading down the chia-brick road, though, just swirl in your favorite store-bought jam. The coconut whipped cream is worth it. Just keep in mind that you have to refrigerate a can of full fat coconut milk for over 10 hours before making it.


A perfect, warm fall breakfast: Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal with Sweet Potato | Foodie Crush

I can’t sgin off without sharing the Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal with Sweet Potato at Foodie Crush. This might be the perfect hot cereal recipe for this very moment. And if you don’t have sweet potatoes or don’t feel like cooking them, a bit of canned pumpkin could work, too. (Just use the pure stuff.) The best part of this tasty breakfast is that I know my kids will love it—and that’s one veggie down for the day.