Today is one of our favorite food holidays at Cool Mom central, World Nutella Day. We don’t care if it’s a made up celebration, because we believe. Whether you use the original product or a newfangled, all-natural chocolate-hazelnut spread, the dreamy combination of cocoa and hazelnuts makes everything taste better—even drinks. If you doubt this, just check out the Nutella drink recipes that I found below. Some are boozy, many are not, and every single one is a sip of heaven.

You’re welcome.

Top: Nutella Martini at Averie Cooks | Nutella Egg Creme at Country Cleaver

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If you're into chocolate martinis, you have to try this Nutella Martini. Delicious! | Averie Cooks

If you’re a fan of chocolate martinis, you have to try this Nutella Martini at Averie Cooks because, let’s be honest, Nutella is just a better version of chocolate. Yea, I said it. I meant it, too.


The perfect end to dinner: A Nutella-rimmed Chocolate Hazelnut Shot | Daydreamer Desserts

I love that this Chocolate Hazelnut Shot at Daydreamer Dessert is made with a simple, classic combination of liqueurs and rimmed with Nutella. Seems a perfect way of using the confection in a cocktail without going totally overboard. This makes a killer after-dinner sip.


If you're a fan of Nutella, you need to make this easy homemade Nutella Liqueur to sip plain, splash into hot chocolate or mix into a cocktail. Mmm. | SheKnows

Mix up a batch of this Homemade Nutella Liqueur at SheKnows and you can make any cocktail you want with delicious chocolate-hazelnut flavor. Add a splash of this stuff to hot chocolate, chai tea, or practice being a mixologist and whip up a classy cocktail.

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This 2-ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate is the ultimate, easiest Nutella drink recipe | Pepper

Nutella Hot Chocolate | Pepper

You knew that the first mocktail would be a hot chocolate drink, right? This two-ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate that we found at Pepper is a classic version that couldn’t be easier to make. If you haven’t tried this already, you must. Immediately. Just don’t blame me when you can’t stop making them.


If Nutella hot chocolate is old hat, mix things up with this delicious Peanut Butter Nutella Hot Chocolate | Cafe Delites

Peanut Butter Nutella Thumbprint Cookies are one of my favorite desserts. Though it may surprise you, peanut butter + chocolate hazelnut are a heavenly combination and this Peanut Butter Nutella Hot Chocolate at Cafe Delites is the drink version. I have no doubt that this is a wildly delicious drink.


This Nutella Egg Creme is as delicious as it looks. How could it not be? | Country Cleaver

The Brooklyn girl can’t leave out this Nutella Egg Creme at Country Cleaver! If you’ve never had one, a classic Chocolate Egg Creme is chocolate milk with a splash of soda and it’s crazy good. Now imagine that with Nutella. Go ahead: take a moment. This drink is worth it.