I have big dreams of buying an even bigger hat and making my way to the Kentucky Derby one day. But until then, I will sip on a Mint Julep and watch the races from the comfort of my couch (no hat required). When I first set out to find Mint Julep recipes, I was looking for a tried-and-true classic. But, man, I found some awesomely creative versions that I’m dying to try and think you might, too, especially if you’re doing the no-hat, from-the-couch thing like me. Check them out and maybe grab some extra mint since it’ll be hard to choose just one recipe.

Top: Matcha Mint Juleps at The Bojon Gourmet | Peach Julep at Broma Bakery

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A classic Mint Julep, perfect for the Kentucky Derby—and, really, whenever. | Honestly Yum

We’ve got to start with a classic Mint Julep and there’s no better go-to source than Honestly Yum. Todd’s version is traditional down to the crushed ice, so if you’re trying to go classic Kentucky Derby, this is your drink.


Summer perfection for the Kentucky Derby and beyond: A Peach Julep | Broma Bakery

I’ve always been a big fan of fresh mint combined with ripe peaches, so this Peach Julep at Broma Bakery is speaking to me big time! If you can’t find fresh peaches at the market yet, try substituting plums (which is what I plan on doing)—and then bookmark this so that you can make it the real way when peaches are in season by you.


A refreshing and slightly sweet twist on the classic, this Tangerine Mint Julep looks delicious! | Waiting on Martha

Over at Waiting on Martha, you’ll find three versions, but the Tangerine Mint Julep looks especially delicious. If you can’t find tangerine juice (or make it yourself with fresh tangerines), orange juice will do—though that extra sweetness that you get from tangerines is part of what makes this drink special.

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We love the combination of blackberries and bourbon, which makes this Blackberry Mint Julep a perfect twist on the classic | Miss in the Kitchen

If you’ve never tried the combination before, trust me that blackberries and bourbon are a match made in heaven. Add mint, like in these Blackberry Mint Juleps at Miss in the Kitchen and you’ve got a perfect Derby sip. Just be careful, because these go down easy!


A classic julep with southern flair (perfect for the Kentucky Derby!): A Sweet Tea Mint Julep | Spicy Southern Kitchen

I have to be honest: I’m a northerner through and through, but I do love visiting family down South and sipping on sweet tea. I don’t normally love super sweet drinks, but there’s just something about sweet tea—when you’re down South—that refreshes like nothing else. If you want a full-on southern Derby experience, these Sweet Tea Mint Juleps at Spicy Southern Kitchen are definitely the ticket. Mmmm.


A super creative twist on a classic julep. We can't wait to try this for the Kentucky Derby—and then drink it all summer long! | The Bojon Gourmet

Not a purist and don’t care about authentic southern flair? Then get creative with these gorgeous Matcha Mint Juleps at The Bojon Gourmet. The look of these alone makes me want to try them, but I have to say, though unconventional, green tea, mint, lemon, and bourbon sounds like a pretty heavenly combination.

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Give your Kentucky Derby or summer party a fun twist with this Spicy Pineapple Mint Julep | Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

This Spicy Pineapple Mint Julep at Just Putzing Around the Kitchen reminds me more of a Margarita than of a classic Mint Julep—and that’s part of the fun! Make no mistake: this is made with whiskey, but tangy, fresh pineapple and a spicy jalapeño simple syrup give this a festive twist perfect for a Derby party.

Who knew you could skip the bourbon and still make a killer julep! Non-Alcoholic Mint Julep mocktail | The Invitation Shop

As much as we love a good cocktail, family parties are never complete without a mocktail and this Non-Alcoholic Mint Julep at the Invitation Shop is a must for the kids and anyone else who doesn’t drink booze. This clever recipe looks super refreshing and full of mint flavor, as you should expect from a julep.