Brunch is the classic Mother’s Day meal and Mimosas are the classic brunch drink. No complaints here about raising a glass to the fabulous mothers in my life with a glass of champagne with a splash of juice. In fact, I like Mimosas so much that I went looking for twists on the orange juice classic to make sure that every mom gets a mimosa that suits her tastes. We certainly deserve it.

And, yes, even if you aren’t celebrating over brunch. I’ll happily raise a glass over a bowl of cereal with the kids. You, too?

Top: Tequila Sunrise Mimosas at Just Putzing Around the Kitchen | Champagne Floats at Completely Delicious

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Give your Mimosa a little extra oomph this Mother's Day with these Tequila Sunrise Mimosas | Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

If you want to give your mimosas some zing, try these Tequila Sunrise Mimosas at Just Putzing Around the Kitchen. They’re beautiful and, well, festive. Just like you, mama.


The perfect drink for a Mother's Day brunch—or really any brunch—with a crowd: Mimosa Sangria | Sprinkled With Jules

Sangria is one of my favorites, so I immediately bookmarked this recipe for Mimosa Sangria at Sprinkled with Jules. What a great idea! Cannot wait to try this.


Set up a make-your-own Mimosa Bar at your next brunch or at this year's Mother's Day brunch. Perfect! | Sweet Phi

If you have a gaggle of people coming over, think about setting up a Mimosa bar like this one at Sweet Phi. That way, everyone can make their own. Genius.

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Put a simple, tropical twist on your brunch cocktails with this Strawberry Pineapple Mimosa recipe | Damn Delicious

These Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas at Damn Delicious are super easy to make and a fun, tropical twist on the classic.


These are so fun! Champagne Floats have all the flavor of a classic Mimosa, but with a little something extra perfect for a brunch party | Completely Delicious

Get cheeky with these Champagne Floats at Completely Delicious. They have all the same orange and champagne flavors of a classic mimosa, but with a special ingredient that makes them extra special. And fun, too.


Mimosa Smoothies? That means this mimosa recipe is healthy, right? We can have more than one! | Lemon Tree Dwelling

Mimosa Smoothie?! Well, I can get down with this treat at Lemon Tree Dwelling. Because the smoothie part means they’re healthy, right?